How Did IVF Treatment Help These Couples To Find Their Happiness?


IVF has been a boon for many couples suffering from infertility for different reasons. They have found happiness through a simple procedure that they have been running away from, due to societal embarrassment or fear of it going wrong.

But they have no regrets that they have gone to the Best IVF Centre in Punjab and conceived a happy child with different treatments as per the diagnosis of infertility, With the help of Test Tube Baby Specialist in Punjab, these couples are some examples that could regain your trust in us to get to your end goal of happiness.

Case Study Of The New Couple!

Shruti and Gaurav, a healthy couple were married 3 years back, they have a good sex life with protection or contraception. When they have finally decided on family planning with a little child of their own, they have left behind the idea of contraception, but for the last 1 year, they have always been disappointed by seeing a negative result in their pregnancy test kit. They finally decided to visit us and check for themselves that What would be the reason that they are unable to get pregnant? With the help of the trained surgeon, they diagnose ovulation problems in the female. IVF was their safe bet to get a healthy child of their own with no complications.

What Did We Learn?

There is no idea of waiting for the right time if you are unable to search for the answer for yourself. If you are 35 or younger, you must visit your gynecologist after trying for 1 year to get a good answer for the problem.

Case Study Of The Old Couple!

Shanti and Mohan our patient was 50 and 45 years old respectfully were trying to get their heir for so long they have lost all hope. Their family friend has recommended them, at last, to visit us and see if they would be able to find some solution. Well, they were not wrong after all. After diagnosing the issue of infertility, they noticed that male has an inadequate amount of sperm to get his partner pregnant. After the advice and the safety of using sperm donors, they finally decided to try for a child for the last time and went for IVF treatment. Rest is history, and now they have a healthy child who they adore the most.

What Did We Learn?

It’s never too late to learn and find the solution, your happiness is at your hand, just try to reach out to us to obtain the deserving happiness. If you are over 35 or older and have been trying to conceive a child for the last 6 months with no positive result visit your doctor to learn the reason.

For All Intense And Purposes!

At Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre, young or old couples anyone can look for the answer. It is a safe procedure that could help you with conceiving a child, which is looking difficult with the natural processes.