The Simple Reason for Getting IVF During The Summer

Nowadays, numerous couples are struggling with infertility due to various reasons such as age, a poor diet, certain health conditions, and reproductive organ issues. We have a solution to overcome infertility, like IVF. You may start your family with the help of IVF. Did you know many people think taking IVF treatment during summer can be a failed process? It is not like that.

During the summer, a couple gets IVF treatment that helps to increase their chances of becoming parents. Suppose you have been facing infertility problems for several years. In that case, you can visit the IVF Centre in Punjab and consult with an IVF expert. They provide proper guidance regarding IVF and success rate. 

If you think getting IVF treatment in summer is not good, it is wrong. According to research, many couples become parents when they take IVF during the summer. Vitamin D is the best source of medicine for pregnant women. It can help to increase the chances of IVF success. Many couples think taking IVF in winter is good, but lack of natural light can affect treatment. If you consider taking IVF, do not postpone it because of the season. As women age, egg quality and quantity lessen. It is essential to take treatment on time. 

3 Main Reasons May Help To Increase IVF Success Rate In Summer 

According to research, taking IVF from the Best IVF Centre in Muktsar during the summer helps to increase the chances of treatment success. 

  • Get a proper vitamin D 
  • It helps to decrease the stress level
  • During summer, you can do more physical activity that helps to increase natural conception. 

Effect Of Vitamin D On Fertility And Overall Health  

Vitamin D is essential for our body because it maintains the calcium level that helps form the womb’s bone and enhances immunity. A low level of vitamin D in your body can increase the chances of diabetes during pregnancy. If your body does not get enough vitamin D, that can impact your fertility and may cause infertility. 

Women with sufficient vitamin D during the IVF can help increase the chance of high quality embryos developing. According to research, if women who undergo IVF stay in sunlight for a long period, it can help their eggs become mature and increase the possibility of birth. Sufficient vitamin D in her body provides numerous benefits such as natural conceptions, reduces the risk of miscarriages, and increases the chances you may become a mother. 

Increased Physical Activity 

In the winter, people do not do physical activities. Lack of physical activity can impact fertility. It is one of the many reasons that causes infertility. Physical activity is essential for both men’s and women’s reproductive health. It can help to manage weight and increase sperm quality, which helps women get pregnant. If your partner struggles with low sperm count, visit the Best IVF Centre in Barnala. During the summer, people engage in outdoor activities that can help them keep a healthy weight. Overweight has an impact on ovulation. A healthy weight can increase ovulation and implantation. 

Maintain Stress Level 

High-level stress may negatively impact fertility and IVF treatment for both males and females. Sunlight can help to decrease stress and anxiety and offer calm and more relaxation that can help women think positively. Positive thought may help to increase the chance of natural conceiving. 
When you consider taking IVF to fulfill your dream of becoming a parent, then do not think about the summer and winter seasons. We know that as we age, our fertility decreases. It is essential to take treatment on time to help increase the chances of IVF success. You are not able to conceive naturally after trying for two years. In that case, you must visit the IVF Centre in Kangra, Dr Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital and consult with fertility specialists.