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We have been providing IVF treatment for more than two decades in Muktsar. Our best IVF doctor and technicians strive for providing the best treatment to childless couple by understanding their agony.

We initialize the procedure by conducting all the diagnostic tests and proper counseling of couple so that comprehensive detail about the fertility potential can be obtained. Our senior doctor Sumita Sofat give priority to finding the actual cause for the problem so that only the correct, suitable, safe, and tailor made treatment can be provided for successful results after treatment.

How to deal with IVF positively

The ratio of infertility stands to be 5:2 (women-men), but the latest studies show that male infertility is increasing than expected. Obviously, fertility cases threaten human existence and if not curbed, man leads down a rugged road. Fertility revolves around;

  • Systematic egg development in women
  • Regular periods
  • A functional reproductive system (woman) i.e Fallopian Tubes, Endometrium, Ovaries, Uterus, pelvic organs, and the cervix
  • The ability of a man to produce more than 15 million sperms per milliliter of semen
  • Efficient motility and good quality of the sperms

For successful IVF we make sure the quality fertilization, development and selection of embryo so that healthy and safe pregnancy can be ensured after completion of cycle.

We ensure the best Infertility Treatment In Muktsar (Shri Muktsar Sahib) with following specialties

  • Stimulation protocol is very important for us that is why we do not compromise for quality and use the best fertility drugs for ovulation induction
  • Our well equipped lab features the state of art equipment and use of specialized Em cell closed chamber to mimic womb like conditions
  • We have higher success rates for performing IVF procedure that is why we are known as best IVF Center In Muktsar (Shri Muktsar Sahib)
  • We offer the best treatment packages with tailor made approach and low cost without quality compromise
  • Our  experienced doctors and professionals leave no stone unturned to achieve success even in complicated cases of infertility.