IVF: things should be kept in mind after undergoing the IVF treatment?

Precautions after IVF treatment

IVF is a big thing for the couple who is infertile. They have been waiting for this moment for so long. The last process in the IVF treatment is embryo transfer.

For sure, it is a life-defining moment for those who are waiting to become parents for so long. It is important that both the partners should be in proper physical state and well being. Every couple has to take maximum precautions they can during and after the treatment. Everyone wants that IVF procedure should succeed.

  • Proper Sleep

After the last step of IVF, the patient is advised to give proper rest to their body. For success and effective results, you should get sufficient sleep during the night. You should not focus only on the duration of sleep but the quality of sleep also matters. This means you should sleep without any stress or worries. Don’t stay up too late, you should rather sleep by 10 pm which the most decent hour. Occasionally staying up late is okay but when you are pregnant make the habit to sleep on time.

  • Avoid Sexual Intercourse

The doctor will recommend you to avoid intercourse until the results of pregnancy have not come. In most cases, the women faced a problem because of this which can result in enlarged ovaries or vaginal infection. In case, you are experiencing some problem then you should visit our IVF center in India.

  • Healthy Diet

Food plays an important role both before and after the procedure of IVF as well during the pregnancy. You should avoid all the processed and preservative food. Fried food, junk food, beverages, alcohol, coffee, and cold drinks should not be on your list. You should only eat home cooked food which should include green vegetables as much as you can. Moreover, dairy products also help to provide strength and make your immune system more strong.

  • Workout and Exercise

Patients are advised to avoid any type of physical activity or workout which is vigorous such as lifting heavy weights and aerobics.  You can do some light yoga postures which does not impact the stomach area too much. But you should not start doing yoga immediately after the procedure. For the first few days, you should put a hold on any type of physical activity. Instead, you should try relaxation technique such as breathing exercise, Tai Chi, or go for a walk.

  • Drink plenty of fluid

You should keep your body hydrated all the time. This helps in regulating the blood cell which is important for the functioning of the cell.

  • Avoid Bath

there are many doctors who advise the patients to avoid taking a bath for at least two weeks. This is because it increases the risk of some foreign substance to enter the vagina which might increase the risk of infection. Your doctor might advise you to take showers to avoid any problem. Moreover, you should also avoid hot tubs and swimming pools to avoid any risk.