Male fertility-: What are the things that affect Male Fertility a lot?

Some of the things that affect male fertility

Infertility is not only the problem of female but male also face this problem due to many factors such as low sperm count, low motility, and some other type of health problems.

Male infertility can be treated with the help of infertility treatment including IVF and ICSI. These both are the best techniques which give you the best results to treat infertility.

Let’s talk about the reasons behind male infertility such as hot tubs, cycling, cash receipts, and cell phones. These are explained as below-:


One study shows that regular cycling is responsible for low sperm count and additionally consider as sperm killer. This is the condition which normally happens in those people who are competitors because they are enthusiasts to routine cycling.

Cash Receipts

No one can believe that cash receipts are actually sperm killers. The paper receipts are responsible for poor quality sperm but the main victim is bisphenol-A which is additionally known as BPA, which is explained as a plastic coating. So, in this way, you must avoid keeping cash receipts in your pocket because it will lead to many problems.

Wearing Briefs

People who wear tight whities are most likely who affect their testicles more than others who do not wear them. Because these directly affect the testicles which can lead to low sperm count and poor quality sperm.

Hot tub bath

A recent study shows that excessive hot tub bath can lead to infertility problem in males. It also affects your sperm count and quality as well, or it may lead to some other reproductive organ problems. Moreover, doctors also suggest that you should avoid taking extreme hot plunge baths otherwise it will worsen your condition.

Cell phones

Such type of electronics such as cell phones emerges too dangerous rays which affect reproductive organs of males. If you are used to keeping your cell phone in your trouser or pant pockets then you should avoid because it can lead to low sperm count and sexual problems. Moreover,  doctors also recommend that you should keep your cell phones in handbags rather than your trouser pockets with the goal to limit harmful rays.


Similarly, like cell phones, people who place laptops on their thighs are most likely who suffer from this infertility condition. Make sure, you should avoid placing your laptop on your thighs entire day or during the traveling time. It will lead to many health conditions such as low sperm count, low sperm motility, and sometimes DNA damage. It will also affect your ability to being a father.

Moreover, You should visit a doctor once to get knowledge about fertility problems in males. He will tell you in brief what are the factors which affect male fertility more.