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Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre Ludhiana: Infertility problem is increasing every year. Both male and female deal with this situation. It becomes essential that you choose the best gynecologist for the treatment.

Dr. Sumita Sofat is a well-known fertility specialist and gynecologist. She has been successfully treating the patients from the last 18 years. Her hard work and dedication towards her patients are undoubtedly the best. The first dedicated test tube baby Centre in Ludhiana was started by her.

With her effort and immense knowledge, she has successfully delivered thousands of babies with IVF, ICSI, and IUI treatment. Moreover, she has learned various new techniques which are related to treating infertility. She encourages her team of specialist to do better as her main focus to send more couple from their clinic with a baby.

Many IVF specialist has been trained under her and this is the reason she commands a lot of this respect in the medical community.

She is continuously working hard so that the challenges they face in the infertility treatment can be reduced. She spends a lot of time in updating herself by attending the conferences, meeting, and workshops on infertility.

Success rate

Sofat Hospital is well-known because the success rate of the treatment is very high. The team of well-trained doctor, advanced reproductive technology, the updated technique of IVF, ICSI, IUI, specialized lab,  Assisted laser hatching technique, safe environment, and best team of embryologists allow getting the results.

You need to keep in mind that getting a proper checkup from the gynecologist is very essential.

Getting proper checkups from a gynecologist

Many women neglect the importance of visiting the fertility specialist and this is the biggest mistake. You should visit her and she will properly let you know about the problem. Make sure you keep in mind all the points she suggests while undergoing the treatment.

Set a proper schedule

Dr. Sofat also suggests that you should prepare a proper schedule while getting the check-up. According to your convenience, you can schedule an appointment. Choosing a time in which you are busy will not help you focus on the treatment and give yourself time is also essential. Additionally, there should be someone with you during the treatment so that if you have any problem or want a suggestion they can guide you. No doubt, the doctor and her team will be there guiding you throughout the entire journey.

Schedule the appointment post menstrual cycle

One thing she always recommends is that schedule the appointment one to two weeks before the menstrual cycle. If the periods are not regular then an appointment should be scheduled a month prior to the cycle so that the irregularity of periods can be checked.

Getting the right kind of treatment at the right time is very necessary. You can consult her and share the problem you are facing. Her experience and knowledge will surely help to deal with the infertility issue.

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