Top secrets you must tell your Gynaecologist

secrets you must tell your gynaecologist

Women are often intimidated about telling it all to their Gynaecologist, but it is important to share information with the medical professional which would better stay within the depths of your heart. As you know they are responsible for taking care and treating the most intimate part of your body, it is significantly important that you share each and every piece of information which is related to it, even if it spills over to the moral and sexual background of your life.

Knowing every detail of related information is extremely important to the gynecologist to detect the cause of the problem. Gynaecologist In India caters to all the problems related to women’s sexual health.

  1. The number of sexual partners

Yes, you have to be honest about your past and present sexual life. It will help the doctor in ascertaining the cause of any problem you may be showing. Don’t mince words about the number of partners you have had.

2. Any instance of unprotected sex since the last visit

While people in long term committed relationships who have cleared all the tests of sexual diseases, it may not be a problem, but in case you have indulged in unprotected sex with a  new person, it may mean a lot for your sexual health.Such an act may make you vulnerable to an unwanted pregnancy or STDs which sometimes don’t show any symptoms at all. The doctor will know which tests to conduct for the diseases which could lie dormant for a  long time.

3. If you have missed out on the big ‘o’

Women almost ignore it if they can’t orgasm, but it should be divulged to the doctor if it is the case. Sometimes it is not due to your or your partner’s performance,  it may have to do more with some other underlying problems. Sometimes you may be having physical reasons for the same which could be rooted out by the help of a sex therapist.

  1. Whether you bleed after sex

Bleeding after sexual intercourse can be ignored if it happened once, but if it becomes a regular feature, then it could be an indication of something more serious. It may be an early sign of precancerous dryness so take it seriously if you witness it more than once. It is for your own good that you don’t shy away from such serious matters.

  1. If your periods are irregular

Even if you don’t have any pregnancy doubts, it is significant to note the changes in your menstrual cycle and let the gynecologist know about it. Your body might be trying to indicate stress, infection or hormonal imbalance through it. Discomfiture during the periods can be a sign of uterine fibroids or endometriosis. Such conditions can be treated early if diagnosed early.

6. If sex is painful for you

Many women face pain during sex but ignore it. The underlying reasons could vary. Of course, lack of lubrication and vaginal dryness could be the culprit but if the pain persists even after changing your lovemaking position and using lubrication, then it is time to confide in your doctor. It can be treated easily once the doctor comes to know about it.

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