Types of IVF and how IVF is better than others?

Some important things to know before IVF

Due to infertility problems, many couples face trouble in conceiving a baby. Now there is nothing to worry about Test Tube Baby cost in Punjab.

Ivf is a helpful treatment for infertility problems and to prevent genetic issues. If you are having issues getting conceived, get in touch with a well-known clinic for the best ivf doctor in Ludhiana.

Types of IVF

There are 3 types of IVF

  1. Natural cycle IVF
  2. Mild stimulation IVF
  3. In vitro maturation IVM

Natural cycle IVF

The natural cycle is a type of IVF for all patients who suffer from infertility. Natural cycle IVF is a good alternative solution for those people who are looking for a cost-effective and less time-consuming solution. Simply natural cycle IVF is a process of collecting and fertilization of a single egg that women let out during their monthly cycle.

  • Benefits of natural cycle IVF
    • It is a secure
    • less time-consuming process
    • Reduce the chances of side effects

Mild stimulation IVF

In mild stimulation, IVF oral medication is used. Mild stimulation is the process of low doses FSH continuously. Mild stimulation IVF aims to grow fewer but better quality follicles. In mild stimulation IVF low dose of fertility drug is given for a short period.

Advantages of mild stimulation IVF

  • Possible improved pregnancy outcome

In vitro maturation IVM

In vitro maturation is the process in which women’s eggs are collected and maturated outside the body. IVM does not involve stimulatory fertility drugs.

Benefits of in vitro maturation

  • It reduces gonadotropin in the patient
  • Economical and less stressful procedure

IVF is one of the best treatments for infertility then the other treatments. It is a safe and natural process. In IVF eggs and sperm are collected and fused outside the body in the lab.

Advantages of IVF

  • higher the chances of conception
  • lower the chances of miscarriage
  • IVF works where other treatments fail

Is IVF better than normal?

IVF pregnancy and regular pregnancy are the same.pregnancy is unique. Success rate of IVF conception is more than normal conception. Having a healthy baby mostly depends on various factors such as age. If you want a successful IVF you can contact Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre.