Venturing into a real Hollywood case where some mothers had the same sperm donor

Venturing into a real Hollywood case where some mothers had the same sperm donor

The assisted reproductive techniques have come a long way now and are being popularly practiced in almost all countries of the world. There are many IVF centers in India that have been set up. All the IVF centers are performing noble cause of helping the infertile parents to become a parent. This is an unmatched feeling that has helped couples in live the joy of being a parent. Besides,  They are also helped through assisted reproductive techniques. The most commonly used assisted reproduction methods are egg donation, sperm donation, IVF, and surrogacy.

What is sperm donation?

Sperm donation is an assisted reproductive technique where a man donates his semen. It is a fluid which consists of sperms during ejaculation which assists an individual or a couple to have a baby. The sperm so received is either injected into a woman’s uterus directly which is known as intrauterine insemination or the sperm is used to mature eggs in a lab which is known as in-vitro fertilization.

Describing a real Hollywood story

The story that took place in Hollywood. The TV writer-producer for The Shield and The Vampire Diaries took the decision to be a single mother at the age of 37. Her name is Sarah Fain. She had to try for a continuous period of 2 years which involved 9 rounds of intrauterine insemination that is IUI to be finally blessed with a girl child. She named her violet.

She made Violet join a music class when she was a toddler. She used to accompany her to the music class. It was when on one day that she noticed two boys who were accompanied by their mothers and had the same age as Violet. She noticed that one of the two boys resembled her daughter Violet. Then she returned home and checked her social media group on Facebook. She came to know that there were around 15 families who had their child from the same donor as that of Fain’s. The donor could be recognized because he was an open donor meaning his identity could be revealed. To add to that, most the families were located at a distance of just a half or a mile from Fain. Initially, it was not easy to accept. But, the entire discomfort rested for a maximum of 30 minutes and then it became normal. There were 12 kids who were 2 years old. Now, they all are like an extended family.

Overall, the trend of assisted reproductive techniques has not only helped people become parents at an age they want to be with or without a partner but it has also brought many people in contact with each other if they happen to belong to the same sperm donor. With this, their kids have siblings and bigger families.