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Semen-Bank-Cryopreservation in India

Sperms for freezing can be received from the two sources – semen received from ejaculation or extracted inside the clinic while the surgical treatment. The cryoperserved sperms are usually stored for a specific length of period such as one year. It is trusted that sperms used after the freezing process do not result in any birth abnormalities as in case of freshly sperms.

We provide the extreme quality oocyte cropreservation in case of supported reproduction using the donor’s sperm. The sperm donors follow the standard and tight procedures every three months to maintain the sperm quality. These processes include psychological evaluation, complete pathological and other tests to find the genetic abnormalities and different viruses. The sperm samples are quarantined for six months.

There are conditions in life when accumulating of sperm in a long term storage bank provides options for future preservation and quality. The two main reasons for sperm freezing are prolong storage for future use and accessibility of sperm for donor insemination.

Semen-Bank-Cryopreservation in Punjab
The sperms can be stored for utilization in IUI, IVF, ICSI and other infertility treatment procedures. The stored sperms can be used while treatment to avoid additional sperm extraction from male. If male needs to take cancer treatment like surgery or chemotherapy and radiation can cause permanent infertility, in such case sperm bank helps in storing sperms for future cell culture. The sperm preservation offers an adequate opportunity to achieve parenthood at any stage of life and provides the happiness of having a baby when a couple is ready to conceive.