What Are The Causes Of Retrograde Ejaculation

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A medical condition called Retrograde Ejaculation. In the condition of retrograde Ejaculation, Semen is redirected to the Bladder instead of through the Urethra during Ejaculation is known as Retrograde Ejaculation.  

Definition of retrograde Ejaculation

The Semen that contains sperm does not stay in the penis whenever you have retrograde Ejaculation; instead, the sperm travels back into the Bladder. This condition occurs when your sphincter bladder muscle does not work their function properly. It allows Semen to move in the wrong direction. 

Types of retrograde Ejaculation. 

There are two types of retrograde Ejaculation. 

  • Complete retrograde Ejaculation: In this type, all Semen is directed into the Bladder during Ejaculation, and none is expelled from the penis.
  • Partial retrograde Ejaculation: Some semen exits the penis during Ejaculation, but a significant portion is redirected into the Bladder.

Cause of the Retrograde Ejaculation. 

The main cause of retrograde Ejaculation is issues with your circular muscles. This circular muscle is known as the bladder sphincter. It is close to letting the Semen out and urine stay on your body. It is because your sphincter does not work properly. The neck of your Bladder stays open instead of closing, allowing the Ejaculation to get the path of resistance into the Bladder. 

Symptoms of the Retrograde Ejaculation

If you have a Retrograde Ejaculation problem, you may notice the following symptoms.

  • The production of Semen is low, or you may not produce any semen.
  • Your urine is cloudy after the orgasm. 
  • You are facing the issue of infertility. 

Diagnosis of Retrograde Ejaculation problem.

Your doctor may ask to get the report of Semen and urine. 

  • Semen sample: If you produce a small number of Semen, then only two numbers of Semen to see the quality of Semen. 
  • Urine sample: Collect urine sample after the orgasm. If you have Ejaculation, then your urine is filled with Fructose. 

Treatment of Retrograde Ejaculation

  • Medicines: Medications might work for retrograde Ejaculation caused by nerve damage. Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, certain surgeries, and other conditions and treatments can cause this type of damage. Drugs generally won’t help if retrograde Ejaculation is due to surgery that causes permanent physical changes in your anatomy. Examples include bladder neck surgery and transurethral resection of the prostate.
  • Infertility treatment: If you have Retrograde Ejaculation, then get the treatment of IVF for your partner in which the Semen and eggs are collected to form an embryo. If you have ejaculation problems, then you have the Best IVF Doctor in Punjab.

Benefits of Infertility treatment 

Doctors suggest nitro treatment if males are suffering from retrograde Ejaculation. IVF treatment provides you with several benefits. IVF is the best treatment. The benefits are as follows:

  • High rate of success and everyone can use IVF treatment: IVF is a top assisted reproductive technology. IVF has a high rate of success for all infertility issues. The quantity and quality of egg is decreased due to aging. IVF selects the viable eggs. This treatment is for both men and women. It is really beneficial for those who are unable to experience parenthood. Many couples of the same gender and singles can go for IVF treatment. 
  • Use of the donated egg and sperm and More chances of a healthy baby: Men and women who are infertile and have poor health conditions can use donated eggs and sperm. The donated sperm and eggs can give them a new life as parents. IVF treatments decreased the chances of miscarriage. To Examine the abnormalities in the egg, doctors use PGT. 

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