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Pregnancy Journey Is Not Just A Dream Anymore!

Joy and Excitement are all those emotions we love to experience or get excited about when someone in our own experiences the same. While living in the 21st century, we all have understood that the master stroke of medical science never fails to surprise us. Well, here I am talking about the happiness and hope kept alive at the IVF treatment centre in Srinagar for all the infertile couples or individuals out there.
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It’s time you hatch out from the old thinking and understand how beneficial the medical area has become. Gone are when a couple struggling to conceive had to live their lives childless. At one of the Best IVF Centre in Baramula, Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital, your ray of hope will have a true meaning. 

Choose Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital For Your Infertility Journey

It is tough for an infertile couple to pick up an infertility doctor and centre. No doubt, you cannot make a choice randomly because it’s an important decision in your life, and you want to make everything work. Some of the major reasons for choosing Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital for your infertility journey. 

Reason 1: Advanced and inventive infertility treatment

When you get diagnosed with Infertility, it’s important to be hopeful. At Sofat hospital, we ensure to provide infertile couples and individuals with advanced treatment options. We have availability of:

  • IUI (Intrauterine insemination)
  • IVF (In-vitro-fertilization)
  • Treatment for unexplained Infertility 
  • IVF-ICSI (For male Infertility)
  • GIFT
  • Laser hatching 
  • And much more

Our promise to you is that: You get the finest treatment options under one roof. 

Reason 2: Updated technology and methods

Not just the treatment availability but the way of conducting the procedures are modern and minimally invasive. Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital is the first to bring the GE-voluson Swift, a 3D/4D machine to get images of eggs in ovaries; see uterine cavity & ovaries to reduce the need for unnecessary operative methods, and much more. Apart from that, we have availability of egg freezing, embryo freezing, pre-implantation genetic screening, and many other advanced methods. 

Reason 3: Experienced gynae and Infertility doctor

Undoubtedly, not everyone has the expertise to offer patients the care the patients deserve. It requires huge compassion and care throughout the treatment journey. Especially when we talk about Infertility, couples or individuals do want someone who doesn’t just guide but addresses the concern a patient has. Dr. Sumita Sofat is the perfect example of doing that from the last +25 years and counting. Her medical ethics and expertise are the biggest star factor in ensuring infertile couples from all over the world consult her. 

Reason 4: One-on-one initial consultation

If there’s a doubt or concern, we all want to communicate directly with the doctor. Dr. Sumita Sofat and her medical team ethically follow the approach of the initial one-on-one consultation for the patients who come in the hope of beginning their IVF or infertility journey with us. Moreover, it gives the patient and doctor enough to communicate and properly discuss the treatment plan.

Want To Know More?

Feel free to schedule your initial consultation with our expert infertility doctor in Jammu & Kashmir at the earliest and begin your journey to improve chances of pregnancy.