What are uterine fibroids? Do these affect the chances of becoming pregnant?

All about - Uterine FIbroids

A lot of infertile couples visit our IVF centre in Punjab regularly, whose reproductive capabilities ( ability to get pregnant) is affected by dozens of factors. Among all the infertile couples, the cause of infertility of about 30% to 50% of the total infertile couples will be uterine fibroids. According to the IVF specialists practising in Sofat infertility and women care centre, (one of the famous infertility clinics in Ludhiana), “The primary cause of women having the uterine fibroids can be family history like if your mother or grandmother used to have it, then you might get bothered with them too.”

What exactly are the fibroids?

Fibroids are tumours. But these are benign (non-cancerous). These emerge in the tissues of the muscles that are present in the exterior of the uterus.

Did you know?

Women can have either one or more fibroids. These may or may not show any symptoms.


It’s common for fibroids to go unnoticed in the physical examination and the ultrasound scan. But there will be some who will be showing the following symptoms:

    • Immensely painful periods
    • Heavy bleeding during the periods
    • The intense pelvic pain


An interesting fact to know

The size of the fibroid is usually described with the size of the fruits like; grapefruits.

Kinds of the fibroids

Based on the location, the fibroids can be of three different types as the following:



Statistics (How many percent of total females suffering from fibroids are affected by this type?)
SubserosalThese are found in the external wall of the uterus.55%
IntramuralThese kinds of fibroids are found in the walls of the uterus. To be specific these can be exactly located in the muscular layers.40%
SubmucosalThese kinds of benign tumours are the rarest ones as these just stick out in the uterine cavity.


Relation of the Fibroids with the infertility

Still, no evidence has been found out which strictly emphasises fibroids as one of the potential causes of fibroids. But based on the observations, according to which a total number of 5% to 10% of the women who are bothered by infertility are suffering from fibroids.

Keep it clear

According to a professional gynecologist practising in Sofat infertility and women care centre, “ If the fibroids are having the following characteristics, then these may emerge out to be the protection cause of negatively affecting the chances to become pregnant:

    • If the size of the fibroids is more than 6 centimetres in diameter.
    • If the fibroids are present inside the uterine cavity.

How can fibroids be held responsible for infertility?

Based on the size and the location of the fibroids, these can affect the chances of becoming pregnant in different ways.


    • The fibroids may cause the fallopian tubes to become blocked.
    • If fibroids have affected the cervix, then the entrance of the number of the sperms in the uterus can become affected.
    • If the shape of the uterus becomes affected, the movement of both of the following can get affected:
      • Sperms
      • Embryo
    • The thickness of the uterus can also become affected.

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