What is GORD Disease? Symptoms and Treatment for GORD

What is GORD Disease? Symptoms and Treatment for GORD

Women who undergo IVF are at three-fold risk of digestive disease

Women who give birth to babies through IVF treatment. Then she suffers from digestive disease. If women adopt IVF treatment again in the same year. Then she suffered from GORD disease.  


Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease is a common condition. Stomach acid leaks into the esophagus, also known as GORD. You can face symptoms and causes such as heartburn, pain when swelling, bad breath, etc. Most of the GORD develops in pregnancy. 


There are some causes of GORD when women undergo IVF at risk of the digestive system. 

  • Taking more medicine  
  • Eat more fatty food 
  • Gastroparesis 
  • Smoking and alcohol  
  • Hiatus hernia 


There are symptoms of GORD 

  • Eating a meal after you feel discomfort from a burning sensation in the chest 
  • Bad breath 
  • Often time you feel sick
  • Sore throat 
  • Pain with swelling 
  • Gum issue 
  • Continuously cough issue 
  • Oesophagitis 


Your healthcare doctor knows about your symptoms after giving a treatment and also guides you about how to treat yourself when you are suffering from GORD disease, such as;

Change your habits 

Changing your habit helps to manage GORD symptoms, such as if you are overweight, then you can lose weight because losing weight helps reduce those symptoms. 

Take a healthy diet.

Eating Healthy food is good for your health. If you suffer from any disease, you eat healthy food. It helps to give you an immunity boost to fight the disease. If you consume unhealthy food, that creates a risk for GORD disease. Many people like drinking alcohol, coffee, fatty, spicy food, etc. You can avoid those foods. It helps to reduce those symptoms and improve and balance your health.    

Take less medicine 

Consuming more medicine in daily life is harmful to your health and also increases your symptoms. Because changing lifestyle helps to manage those symptoms, but it can’t help to control those symptoms. You can talk to the Doctor if you can’t handle those. Doctors guide you about how to reduce those symptoms and also prescribe medicines. It helps to relieve those symptoms.   


Surgery benefits those who do not take medicine for a long time. Healthcare doctors don’t recommend surgery to all people. After examining if he doesn’t manage those symptoms. Such as 

  • shows serious symptoms 
  • Does Not manage those symptoms with medicine 
  • Suffer for hiatus hernia 

If you suffer from GORD disease, change your lifestyle. It helps to manage those symptoms. And avoiding unhealthy food helps to reduce symptoms of GORD. If you don’t control those symptoms, you can contact our gynecologist in Ludhiana for effective treatment. 


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