What Is ICSI? 5 Tips To Know while going under ICSI treatment

What Is ICSI 5 Facts You Need To Know 

It is injecting a sperm cell directly into the fertilisation and for the better IVF fertilisation rates; there is more ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) as compared to any other solution on a larger scale in IVF centre in Punjab.  It depends upon several things such as

  1. Donor sperm

To know about the donor sperm it is essential to have a basic knowledge of it. The fertilisation of an egg cell using ICSI was the process which first started in 1992. More than 95 % of men can now take birth regularly just because of this only. It was considered as the second IVF revolution.

  1. Not too expensive

It is also not that much expensive also and it is that cheap that every common man can easily afford it. Look for clinic which includes ICSI as a part of their IVF treatment package can be much affordable as compared to any other.

  1. The service is for everyone

Some people have an opinion that this is only for the men but is not right because there is not any kind of boundary like this. It is for everyone who wants to go for it. Rather it is a fact of providing better services at a low price. The patients who produce less eggs or have a poor history of fertilisation are those who need such treatment or we can say ICSI to ensure the fertilisation.

  1. When men need it

First you should be very clear about this fact that semen analyses have a proper five key parameters and these are volume, concentration, morphology, progressive mortality, and mortality. These five are the bases for the test results and have to be considered very important. The results can depend upon the candidate and their performance. The figures can also vary from person to person.

  1. An effective ICSI

When it comes to the successful ICSI, then there are few things that have to be noted and these are that to quantify the benefits of ICSI tricks. If the female patient is fertile then male has some issues with his sperm or if the male sperm is okay then there are some of the issues in the female part. So it has to be tackled somehow. D


At the end, it can be concluded that there are a number of ways in which you can come to know more about this topic and it is all about pointing the best sperm which can help to improve the fertilisation rates which can boost the pregnancy rates as well as the certain egg related problems. It has been noticed that it is a good way to lead.

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