What is Sperm Motility, It’s Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment?

Sperm motility and it’s causes, diagnosis, and treatment options available

What is sperm motility?

The term motility means movement. So, sperm motility means the sperm ability that how efficiently it can move. The movement of sperm is important because it has to reach the woman’s reproductive tract so that it can reach the egg for fertilization.

Types of of sperm motility

  • Progressive motility: When the movement of the sperm is in a straight line or in large circles then it is referred to as progressive motility.
  • Non-Progressive motility: This means when sperm is not moving in a straight line or it is moving in tight circles.

The sperm should be at least 25 micrometers a second so that it can reach the women ovaries and then to the egg for fertilization. In other words, sperm motility is also called asthenozoospermia.  The couple who are facing issue getting pregnant should visit our IVF center in India.

Causes of sperm motility

There are some causes which can affect sperm motility.

  • Stress

      No doubt, stress can affect your health both physically and mentally. Well, it is not even good for sperm health. If you are stressed for a long time, it will surely affect sperm motility. You should try to relieve your stress with the relaxation techniques.

  • Heat

      Excessive heat can also affect sperm health and motility. You should avoid excessively hot showers and a sauna. Additionally, wearing tight underwear and jeans should also be avoided.

  • Heavy metals

      Avoid the exposure to heavy metals which include food such as iodized salt.

  • Nutrition

      Another reason is a poor diet which means you have not included all the right amount of nutrients such as Vitamin C and vitamin B12. Otherwise, it will increase the risk of poor sperm motility.

  • Smoking and drinking

      There is no doubt that smoking and drinking can affect your overall health so does the health of the sperm. For this, you should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.


For this, the very first thing is semen analysis as it is the most useful and basic test. With this test, the movement and formation, as well as how they interact with the seminal fluid can also be diagnosed. For best results it is not kept in the fridge, otherwise, it will lose the body temperature. Additionally, it will give the best quality results if it analyzed at that time only. Usually, two samples are collected which can be in a time gap of 2 to 4 weeks.


There are treatment options available which are given below:

      In this procedure, the sperm is collected and then washed properly. Then it is checked which sperm is the fastest and they will be inserted into the woman’s womb with the help of a fine plastic tube.

      In this, the women are given medications so that it can increase the production of eggs. Then, the eggs are removed from the ovaries and then they are kept with sperm for fertilization. For the embryo to develop it will be transferred to the womb so that it can develop properly.

Low Sperm Count Treatment Cost can be easily afforded by the patients as it is very less as compared to other places. So, you should consult the doctor for the treatment.

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