What is the benefit of undergoing the 3 full cycles of IVF treatment?

Importance of getting 3 full IVF cycle


Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre: In some cases, getting pregnant is easy and they go through the entire process easily. But, sometimes this process is not the same and even after trying for months or years they are not able to conceive naturally. Moreover, the problem arises when they wait for 1 to 2 years to seek medical advice. This is the reason, you should get the treatment started at the right time.

What are the chances of getting pregnant?

  • To predict the success of IVF treatment, the factor of age is very essential. With age, fertility starts declining which means the egg quality and number also decline which are very important to get pregnant. Even in the case of a male partner, the sperm count can create an issue.
  • Additionally, in the last 20 years, the demand for fertility treatment has increased among the couples to start a family.
  • After the age of 42, the success of IVF starts declining because of different reasons. This is the reason you should wait for too long or even if there is some problem you should visit our IVF Center in Punjab to get the best treatment plan.

What does this mean for patients?

  • Many people all over the world are dealing with fertility issues and this is why our fertility doctor suggests that getting fertility treatment services at an early stage.
  • According to the NICE fertility guideline, women under the age of 40 and trying for 2 years should undergo the 3 full cycles of IVF.
  • With the fertility quality standards, it has made possible to go through the entire process in a better way. To determine the eligibility of patients getting the treatment following factors should be included like relationship status, previous children, and sexual orientation.
  • Well, the chances of success will be influenced by smoking, drinking, drug, and body weight. With the improved standards, the focus is on lifestyle advises consultation, and specialist service. Additionally, the number of embryos need to be transferred.

The benefit of getting 3 Full cycles of IVF

  • During the treatment of IVF, there is a process of stimulating the ovaries, egg retrieval, insemination, and embryo transfer.
  • The chances of success with IVF is more than 60%. Also, the success will vary from patient to patient as everyone’s body responds to the treatment differently.
  • Per cycle, the chances of success are around 30%. the overall effect of getting 3 full IVF cycle increases the chances. So, women undergoing treatment can also benefit from this procedure.

Consult the fertility doctor

For better understanding, you must seek the help of our doctor. By diagnosing your condition they will give you better insight on how the procedure will be done. Book your appointment today only!