What Is The Relation Of PRP Treatment With Endometrium Rejuvenation?

Scientific advances in the medical field have achieved several milestones for IVF treatments, which help women conceive and allow them to experience the joy of motherhood. One of the most efficient ways to increase the chances of pregnancy at the best IVF centre in Hamirpur  is PRP treatment with endometrium rejuvenation.  

Many factors, such as age can affect the reproductive health of men and women

Therefore, today, we are going to discuss the relationship between PRP treatment and endometrium rejuvenation to learn how it plays a role in pregnancy. However, before digging deep into this matter, let’s learn about PRP treatment.

What Is PRP?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which consists of two elements: plasma and platelets. Plasma is the liquid part of the blood, whereas platelets are cells responsible for healing the body. 

Generally, platelets are known for their ability to clot. However, they can also contribute to the growth factor by allowing cell reproduction and stimulating tissue regeneration or healing in the area of treatment. PRP is only blood but with more platelets than usual, created by doctors at an IVF centre in Fatehgarh Sahib

What Is PRP Treatment?

Plasma treatment is another new medical method that helps elevate the chances of an effective embryo transfer cycle. Under this treatment, only plasma containing a wide variety of growth factors is taken from a female patient. A number of growth factors contribute to the process of endometrium rejuvenation, which helps in cell growth and tissue regeneration. 

Endometrium Rejuvenation

As we learn about endometrium rejuvenation, let’s first discuss what endometrium is. 

The endometrium refers to the uterus lining, which plays various functions such as preparing for implantation, initiating pregnancy if implantation takes place, and menstruating at the time of no pregnancy. 

The process of endometrium rejuvenation, with the help of PRP treatment at the best IVF centre in Srinagar, helps women who do not have adequate or less endometrial growth. 

As mentioned before, PRP or platelet-rich plasma consists of multiple factors of growth like vascular endothelial growth, platelet-derived growth, epidermal growth factor, and many others, along with several other cytokines. These multiple growth factors and cytokines participate in the rejuvenation of endometriosis, resulting in thickness and a successful embryo transfer cycle. 

This is one of the most recommended treatments for inducing pregnancy at an IVF centre in Hisar as it takes the responsibility of regeneration of endometrial tissues and cell growth, resulting in increased chances of a successful embryo transfer cycle. 

How Is PRP Used For Lining Preparation?

PRP treatment is an invasive but painless procedure as it is performed with the help of a needle inserted into the body. PRP or platelet-rich plasma is instantly transferred into the uterine cavity with a catheter (0.5-1 ml). The reassessment of the endometrial thickness is done seventy -two hours after the procedure. 

In case the resulting thickness isn’t adequate for initiating pregnancy, another infusion of PRP can be conducted again about one or two times. 

There can be several causes that induce reproduction problems in the body, such as endometriosis. However, consulting a gynaecologist at an IVF centre in Punjab can help identify the problem thoroughly and also provide you with an adequate solution to deal with pregnancy problems. 

Before opting for any IVF treatment, it is essential to discuss your available options with the doctor, along with their pros and cons. Knowing the cons of treatment is also important, as you can be prepared for any side effects that may take place and consult your doctor accordingly. 

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