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Infertility Treatment In Fatehgarh Sahib

IVF is the best treatment option for the couple that are longing for their baby due to infertility. In this procedure eggs and sperms are placed together in the cultured dish and controlled conditions of lab.

How To Increase IVF Success Ratio

The success ratio of the procedure depends on various factors like age and health of female, quality of eggs and sperms, choice of IVF expert, tools and equipments used and the care during the IVF cycle.

Sofat IVF experts ensure the successful pregnancy after one IVF cycle with extravagant efforts, personalized care and pre treatment instructions given to the patients for mounting the chances of pregnancy.

IVF Process

Pre- IVF Instructions

  • Patient must take the balanced and nutritious diet that must include the Protein, Carbohydrates and some fruits and vegetable that could give some vitamins. Folic acid is also important for the intended mother and even patient must have ideal weight so excessive fat must be prohibited
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol can reduce the chances of conception so patients must stop smoking and drinking alcohol before undergoing IVF treatment
  • Drug abuse also adversely affects the fertility of both male and female. So experts of IVF center Fatehgarh Sahib give proper instructions to couples about stopping all the drugs before treatment
  • Stress can reduce the chances of conception up to great extent so couples that are planning or undergoing IVF are advised not to have much stress. However Sofat IVF center in Sirhind also ensures the counseling session for the couples to make up their mind for procedure and to burst out their worries, stress and tensions.