Which foods increase sperm strength?

Which foods increase sperm strength

With growing stress and unhealthy lifestyle, the population is feeling the ill effects in the form of increased infertility.  While female infertility is related to poor quality of eggs, problems in conception or carrying the pregnancy full term, the men suffer from poor quality sperms and decreased motility. The medical condition in which the sperms are not being produced properly or can’t make their way to their destination due to some blockage is called azoospermia. Azoospermia treatment in India is available readily and one need not shy away from availing treatment.

Low Sperm Count Treatment Cost in India is a variant factor which depends on the city and the clinic in question.  One can do so by opting for some super foods-

  1. Elixir of Eggs

Eggs have been an integral part of our diet for their multiple nutrient contents. People of all ages are advised to include it in their diet. But it is a lesser known fact the consumption of Eggs provides protection to the sperm from getting destructed by free radicals. Naturally, eating eggs would thus increase your sperm count.

  1. Spinach-The green wonder

Yes, the green leafy veggie is great for your ensuring that you produce a well-formed sperm. The high folate content enables the sperm to reach the egg and penetrate the membrane surrounding it successfully. It also reduces chances of congenital birth defects in the offspring.

  1. Let’s go bananas

Bananas are full of many crucial vitamins which further the production of healthy sperms. Bromelain, a rare enzyme acts an anti-inflammatory agent which enhances the motility of the sperm. It also helps in increasing sperm motility.

  1. Satiate your sweet tooth

When the whole world is harping about zero calories and zero sizes, it’s hard to think of chocolate. But it might just hold the key to a high sperm count. The presence of an amino acid called L-Arginine HCL is known to be an enhancer of semen volume. It also triggers an increment in sperm count. It’s not a surprise that the newlyweds are greeted with strawberries dipped in dark chocolate in their honeymoon suite.

  1. Have an appetite for Asparagus

The green leafy vegetable is high in vitamin C content. It influences sperm growth positively as it prevents free radicals from destructing the sperm. It also provides protection to the testicles.

  1. Make a beeline for Pomegranates

Delicious as it is, the wonderful fruit is not just for satiating the palate. Its rich antioxidant content is vital for opposing the free radicals which can play havoc with one’s sperm count and the quality of semen.