Which things you must know about the entire Egg Donation Process?

There are many reasons why people suffer from infertility problems. Some infertility problems can easily get treated, but others do not. And then the couple has to take the help of fertility experts of the reputed Best IVF center in Amritsar. Usually, the couples hide their infertility problems owing to the fear of the test tube baby cost in punjab. But Indian-couples, you do not have to worry since IVF or test tube baby treatment in India is present at quintessentially low prices.

In this blog post, we shall be learning about the egg-donation process and which criteria are being followed to choose the ideal donor eggs.


When we are talking about the egg donation process, then it involves the egg retrieval from the donor and then those eggs are fertilised in the laboratory. After that, the embryos are transferred into the uterus of the recipient. For this, the doctors usually carry out an implantation procedure like In vitro fertilisation.


The selection process will be conducted in the clinic in which it will be decided which embryos are fit for the fertilization and the implantation process. The specialists who are present at the fertility clinic will carry out the selection process in which after quintessentially focusing on the minute details, the suitable donor will be found. 

Do you know? 

Much before the procedure is started, the patient will be provided with the carious menstrual cycle stopping medications. It is done with the motive to make sure that the eggs are not getting broken. 

What are the shortcomings if you do not rely on a reputed doctor for carrying out the treatment?

You will experience the following side effects if you do not up the treatment from the reputed doctors:

  • Hot flashes
  • Fatigue 
  • Headache
  • Body aches


Once the doctors have successfully restricted your menstrual cycle, then you will be able to intake some of the infertility drugs, so that the ovaries can be stimulated to produce the best quality eggs. This is known as hyperstimulation. 

Do you know? 

When the hyperstimulation is going on, then the donor will have to self administer the medications by making them injected into their skin and in their muscles.


When the extraction procedure is about to begin, the patient will receive some of the medications before the procedure gets commenced.


This procedure will be taken into account for egg retrieval. First of all, the ultrasound probe will be inserted in the vagina, which will be having a needle attached to it and thus the eggs will be removed from the ovaries. 

Do you know? 

The procedure will last for about 30 minutes. 

This procedure is usually performed under the effect of sedation, anaesthesia and painkillers. 


Usually, the woman who undergoes the Transvaginal Ovarian aspiration needs a rest for some days. While some women may return to the normal day’s activity immediately after the procedure. 

Do you know? 

There are some doctors which also provide aftercare to the patients who have undergone the egg retrieval procedure. The egg donation process is considered as the psychological process and thus the patients may need to undergo counseling and psychotherapy. 

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