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Dr Sumita Sofat Hospital (Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre) Amritsar

IVF treatment chart

Best IVF Centre in AmritsarDr Sumita Sofat Hospital (Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre), In- vitro- fertilization is the advanced lab procedure that can bless infertile couples with their babies about which they only dream before. Sofat ensures the best quality treatment with the most feasible results.

 In the prior step of the procedure, experts of the IVF center in Amritsar ask various questions to the couples. These questions can be related to infertility problems, medical history, past IVF cycle if taken, and any infertility treatment if the couple is having. But Sofat ensures that this entire information provided by the couple is kept confidential.

Then after completing the evaluation and counseling of couple, Dr. Sumita Sofat initiates the treatment in the following steps:

IVF Steps

Step 1

In first step ovulation induced in the females with the help of fertility drugs and the injections

Step 2

After ovulation healthiest eggs are removed from the uterus. This process can be painful so local anesthesia is used to ensure painless egg retrieval

Step 3

Sperms of the male partner are collected and mixed with the female eggs

Step 4

Both male sperms and females eggs are kept together in the controlled conditions of lab. Sofat ensures the complete fertilization process in the Em cell closed chamber for best results

Step 5

After fertilization healthiest embryo is transferred in the womb of female partner for successful pregnancy.

To make your dream come true visit the Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital in Amritsar.