Why is consulting the gynecologist essential for women’s overall health?


Ludhiana: The gynaecologist is specialized in the disease and health of the female reproductive system.

The women need to get in touch with the gynecologist so that their health is benefited. Consulting the gynaecologist in Ludhiana is going to make sure that your reproductive health is benefited.

Get regular evaluation with the gynecologist

Starting from puberty, when the reproductive organs mature, the women should get a regular evaluation by the gynae. At the age of 13 and 15, it is important to get a proper examination, and when you have sexually become active make sure to consult her.

Get detailed information about the health

Women need to schedule the examination on time. She will tell you in detail about your body functioning and if you have a concern regarding the menstrual cycle. Physicians will explain to you in detail if there is anything that needs to be kept in mind.

For older women, the questions regarding menopause and hormone replacement therapy should be checked. When you keep close links with the gynecologist it is going to help you a lot with each passing year.

What happens during the annual examination?

During the annual examination, your gynae is going to perform breast and pelvic examinations. During the pelvic examination, the cervix is inspected and with the pap smear, the cells are examined through the microscope if there are chances of the cancer cells growth.

It is important to get the pelvic examination annually, whether or not the pap smear is done or not. The doctor is going to look for disorders in reproductive health by doing examinations. They may do different tests with blood and tissue cultures.

How is it beneficial to do self-examination?

  • Whether you self examination or doctor’s examination, the breast abnormalities need to be checked on time. In that case, the mammogram is beneficial as it helps to check the breast tissues, or if there is any cancer growth.
  • By the age of 40, women need to get a screening every 1 to 3 years if the results are negative. If there is any concern, then you need to get a breast ultrasound, and then biopsies are required.
  • It is essential to detect STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease). It is essential to notice the lesion or vaginal discharge.
  • Other common health issues are fibroid tumor, cancer, and endometriosis. You must get them evaluated by the doctor, and sometimes medications can prove helpful.
  • When women reach menopause, emotional, and physical symptoms can be experienced. The gynae is going to check the hormonal levels and then let you know about the replacement therapy you need to prevent the symptoms.