9 amazing facts related to IVF and infertility treatment you don’t know

Facts about IVF and infertility treatment

All over the world, many people are dealing with the issue of infertility. Both men and women are facing the problem which makes it difficult for them to conceive successfully. To treat the issue many people choose the option of IVF treatment because the success rate of this treatment is very high in comparison to other options.

Facts related to Infertility

  • Infertility is an issue of women and men

Many people still think that the issue of infertility is linked with women but this is not the case. In some cases, the couple is not able to conceive naturally because of men. 35% of a couple who are dealing with infertility is because of both men and women. In around 8% of a couple, the only factors which contribute to infertility are with men.

  • Male infertility causes

If your partner is diagnosed with infertility then it means they are not producing enough amount of sperm which is referred to as low sperm count. Moreover, it can also happen that sperm is not able to move properly or its shape is not proper. Eventually, these things will make it difficult for the couple to conceive. The problem gets triggered because of lifestyle factors such as drinking alcohol, smoking, or taking drugs as well as overweight or age also affect sperm quality.

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In some cases, the women’s ovarian reserve gets diminished. Additionally, with age, egg quality and quantity also decreases. So, it means at the time of fertilization it will result in a problem. Some other problems with can result in infertility are blocked Fallopian tube, pelvic inflammatory disease, and PCOS.

Facts related to IVF treatment

  • According to data, every year around 85000 women undergo the treatment of IVF. No doubt, a lot of time and hard work is required. Actually, the problem comes when people are not completely aware of the procedure. So, make sure you should consult the best fertility specialist for the treatment.
  • At first, a lot of problems was faced which was related to the movement of the sperm. No doubt, it took a lot of time and research to get this problem solved so that the egg and sperm meet each other properly.
  • If the egg quantity is not proper then fertility medications are given before the treatment. Additionally, various test and ultrasound are done to evaluate the problem properly.
  • In some cases, multiple cycles are needed so that the best quality egg can be collected. Additionally, with age, more cycle might be needed if the egg quantity and quality is not adequate.
  • In case, if the sperm and egg are able to go through the fertilization process then ICSI method is used. In this, the sperm is directly placed into the egg.
  • If the women age is more than 35 then the donor egg is very helpful. This really helps in increasing the chances of women to conceive.

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