AMH: How Anti-mullerian hormone test is helpful in predicting the ovarian reserve?

How Anti-mullerian hormone test is helpful in predicting the ovarian reserve

What is AMH?

AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) is one of the most accurate tests that help in accessing the ovarian reserve (OR). This means that women ovaries are not able to produce good-quality eggs. It is one of the major reason for infertility in women.

The AMH test made up of cells and it is a type of protein which surrounds each egg in the ovaries. The hormone is produced during the small pre-antral stage. The hormone stops producing as follicles grow and once they reach 8mm in size no AMH is produced. If a woman has more eggs then it means the level of AMH is also high. The level can be tested with a simple blood test.

Why blood test is important for predicting the potential of the reproductive system?

  • If the level of AMH is greater than 1.0ng/ml then it means normal.
  • If the levels are less than normal, then you should start the fertility treatment to maximize your chances of getting pregnant. You should get the treatment from the best IVF center in India.
  • If the level is greater than 3.0 ng/ml than it is also not good. It might predict that you are facing the problem of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).
  • If the levels are unpredictable than it means poor reproductive system.

How AMH level and pregnancy is related?

Some couples are not aware of the different infertility issues. After being told by a fertility specialist that you are facing difficulty in conceiving because of their low AMH level. Due to this issue, the chances of pregnancy are only 1%. However, if you start the treatment at right time and from the best doctor, you can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

If a woman has a higher level of AMH than they respond better to ovarian stimulation during the  IVF treatment. The ovaries produce a high number of eggs with better quality.

Some women are taking birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. If you want to get your AMH levels checked then you should stop taking them for 1 to 2 months prior to the test.

A recent analysis showed that the success of IVF with very low AMH level for women above the age of 40 is around 6 to 7%. If the patient ovaries produce at least two transferable embryos and they are healthy then the women have chances of getting pregnant. It is important that you should seek help for test tube baby treatment from the best clinic with specialized doctor and team.

Does age decline the AMH level?

It is evident that the AMH level will decline after some time. With AMH level the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is measured. As women age, the AMH level decline and there is an increase in the FSH level. If the levels are the same for women with age of 42 and 30, then it both cases premature ovarian aging (POA) is suggested.

By doing this, the doctor can guide you properly regarding the treatment and he will make an appropriate plan for you.

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