Is bed rest important after undergoing the IVF treatment to get the successful result?

Does bed rest affect the IVF results

IVF is the most effective treatment option available for treating infertility. The entire process of treatment takes time. But, after getting the embryo transfer the patients get worried that something might affect the results. Many patients us if they move too much then it might happen the embryo falls out. Here we will discuss IVF and bed rest.

Check the facts about IVF implantation

You need to understand that there is no such difference which happens naturally. The difference is that embryo is implanted to the uterus lining artificially. However, the embryo is accepted by the uterus in the same way it will accept naturally.

The process of IVF and embryo implantation have gone through a lot of research. No such study shows that physical activities can result in IVF failure. Moreover, with time it has been confirmed that resting after undergoing the IVF procedure bed rest is not helpful and it won’t increase the success rate.

One study compared two groups. In the first, women rested for Half an hour after getting the embryo transfer and after that, they moved freely. No significant difference is noticed even if the women took proper rest.

Thus, it is necessary to understand that movement or walking does not make the embryo to fall out. The advice to have proper bed rest is not helpful and it is not realistic.

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How does lying in bed affect the body?

The fact is that lying in the bed for hours can actually make you feel sick. No doubt, you will get bored and stressful as you have nothing to do. Just think about lying on the bed for 2 weeks without any activity. This can result in anxiety and sometimes it can get depressing also as everyone is doing their work. On the other hand, you have to ask for everything and you cannot go anywhere. There are few doctors who suggest getting proper bed rest which is not helpful at all.

Keep these points in mind

Now it is clear that you do not have to think about resting all day long after the procedure. It means doing activity won’t result in the embryo to fall out. The embryo is totally safe as it is attached to the lining of the uterus. The patient can easily resume to normal working routine after 2 days. This means it won’t help to improve the success rate.

No doubt, IVF is a boon to many couples as they are able to become parents. You just need to understand how the procedure work and what things will help you see the effective results. Make sure, if you have any doubt just ask your fertility specialist.