Can Stress Cause Miscarriage?


During pregnancy, at times everything can seem overwhelming and you might not understand how to control your thoughts. In some cases, it can be stressful but does that mean it can cause miscarriage. Read the given topic in brief to understand can stress can cause miscarriage as shared by our fertility expert.

Relation of Stress during Miscarriage and pregnancy

Most of our patients ask our gynae whether stress can cause miscarriage? Studies might have found the link between miscarriage, stress, and health problems linked with the child but researchers do not agree with what the results mean.

No doubt, everybody feels some level of stress with everyday life and everyone will process it differently. The same goes for pregnancy. Every woman worries a little bit during pregnancy whether it is related to pregnancy or some other life factor. This has been happening for quite a long time and still, the women can give birth to a healthy baby.

Women who had miscarriage might look back and think she stressed due to which miscarriage happened and it made her self-blame. The best way to understand the entire situation is to consult our Gynae in Punjab as she will diagnose your condition and tell you what you should do to stay fit and healthy.

Link between stress and miscarriage

Well, not every study which is done has found a link between stress and miscarriage. One of the studies found no increased risk due to increase is stress hormones like cortisol or any other hormone.

No doubt, it is okay to feel nervous or stressed when you are undergoing fertility or even if you have conceived naturally. Well, the results are quite mixed in every case.

Another study has shown that increased stress can make women choose wrong lifestyle preferences like drinking alcohol, smoking, or the use of illicit drugs. Due to this, there is an increased risk of miscarriage in the early stage of pregnancy. So, it means you cannot say stress is the only cause of miscarriage.

Manage stress during pregnancy

Well, many stress factors can be avoided during pregnancy, but there is no way to change the way we feel about stressful situations. A certain situation can be looked at in a different way which is referred to as cognitive reframing.

This means a woman undergoing cancer treatment will not be stressed about losing hair because she understands it’s about her health. On the other hand, another woman might be stressed and depressed about hair loss.

No doubt, reframing any situation will take time but when you can manage your thoughts in a proper way you can easily deal with stress. So, you should talk to the doctor because she will tell you important tips that can help you stay happy through different phases of pregnancy.