Is it necessary to do bed rest after undergoing Embryo Transfer?


So, you are at the final stage of embryo transfer. This comes with excitement and nervousness, as you are not sure what to expect and what you should do. To make you comfortable throughout the process, the fertility expert at the best IVF centre in Punjab will guide you in detail. During the initial consultation […]

Embryo transfer-: Single Embryo Transfer vs. Multiple Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer

What is an embryo transfer? Embryo transfer is the last step of the IVF procedure. In this phase, your surgeon will implant the healthy embryos in your uterus in order to conceive a child. In the process of IVF procedure, your surgeon first gives fertility medications to women in order to stimulate the ovaries. After […]

Understanding the role of PGS/PGD for IVF success

Understanding the role of PGS/PGD for IVF success India

PGS & PGD both can be new terms to hear for the common man like us but these are quite important and advanced tests done to prevent the babies to inherit the particular disease from the parents. PGD means the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and PGS means pre- implantation genetic screen, these both tests are done […]