Does chances of pregnancy from IVF increase by collecting more number of eggs?

More eggs - Higher chances of pregnancy

Many couples deal with the issue of infertility because of different reasons like diminished ovarian reserve, blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count, age, endometriosis, and PCOS.

Procedure of IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization)

IVF Process: During the treatment, the women are given fertility medication which helps the ovaries to produce a number of eggs. This way number of eggs will be retrieved from the ovaries. Once they are mature enough they are retrieved and then kept for fertilization with sperm. After that, the embryo is developed which is transferred back to the ovaries which helps the women to conceive.

One thing which is essential that retrieving more number of eggs will increase the chances of pregnancy. But, the question is how much eggs are really needed for increasing the success of IVF.

What is the optimum number of eggs required to get successful results?

A higher number of eggs retrieved during the retrieval process is related to the probability of getting chromosomally normal embryo is a higher amount. The embryo is implanted near the uterus lining and this result in increasing the chances of live birth rate.

If the embryos are chromosomally abnormal then the results of pregnancy are very less. Even if results come out to be positive, it might end up with miscarriage.

With age, the frequency of chromosomally abnormal embryo increases. This is the reason, with age the pregnancy rate decreases. So, many eggs should be retrieved?

  • For women at the age of 34, around 5 to 14 oocytes (eggs) are required. This will result in forming one and two embryos successfully.
  • For women at the age of 38, around 10 to 24 oocytes are required.

Well, this definitely makes sense that retrieving more eggs in the IVF treatment are helpful in increasing the pregnancy rate of live births.

Make sure you choose the best fertility specialist as they will let you know everything more in detail according to the problem you are facing. To get the best treatment you should visit our IVF centre in India as the doctors are highly experienced and all the latest methods are used to treat the patients.

Is there any downside of retrieving more eggs?

  • Retrieving more eggs means the patient has to take a higher dose of hormones. This will increase the cost as well as potential side effects related to the procedure.
  • Additionally, it also increases the complication of ovarian hyper-stimulation where the fluid is collected in the abdomen, lungs. It also increases the risk of hypotension, increased clotting tendency, and renal shutdown.
  • Getting a response from ovaries in excess can enlarge them which eventually cut off the blood supply which is known as ovarian torsion. This problem needs serious attention and it is treated surgically.
  • Another issue is that egg quality is compromised when there is an excess ovarian response.

Studies have also shown that with 15 eggs the success rate is increased. Our doctor aim at retrieving 8 to 15 oocytes in one IVF cycle which means a fresh embryo is transferred and also the pregnancy rate is higher.