Does Masturbation the cause of Male Infertility?

Is Masturbation the cause of Male Infertility

With the statistics of the infertile population growing day by day, it has become significant to address the issue and formulate more treatment methods. Modern science has succeeded in providing some solutions for the same. The underlying causes may be with the male or female or both. While blocked fallopian tubes and PCOD are the most common reasons for infertility in women, low sperm count and problems with motility of the sperm may be the cause of male infertility. But

Low Sperm Count Treatment Cost will vary according to the underlying reasons and the treatment process required. The treatment process will vary according to whether the problem lies with your sperm production or failure to ejaculate it out due to some blockage. In some cases, sperm production might be nil. In certain cases, where no other treatment is possible, the services of a sperm donor might be availed.

Masturbation: pleasure or self-destruction?

We often come across people who claim that masturbation might lead to infertility. If you are in the bandwagon and want to know the exact truth, the answer is a clear no.  Masturbation is the name given to the act of the person stimulating his own genitals for sexual gratification. The act in itself is a normal sexual activity and doesn’t hinder with a man’s ability to father a child. But one must restrict the frequency if one is planning to have children with his female partner. The reason lies in the fact that the act of masturbation till completion will result in ejaculation of semen. A person who indulges often in masturbation will end up with a lower volume of semen in his ejaculation. The person will have to wait for some time for the quality of the semen to return to normal.

Another reason that masturbation can hinder in the process of conception is that the male partner might feel tired and exhausted if he masturbates a lot. Thus he will not be inclined to a sexual intercourse with his female partner as it requires a lot of energy.

Some people feel that it might cause erectile dysfunction in men, but they are sadly mistaken. Masturbation in no way leads to erectile dysfunction. But the men who are in the habit of regular masturbation might have difficulty in attaining orgasm which might lead to problems in conceiving.

Some reports claim that semen quality is restored after 2-3 days of ejaculation. But some reports totally contradict the above statements and state that men with normal sperm quality will have no problems in maintaining sperm motility and concentration even if they masturbate frequently.

So the men need not refrain from this self –pleasing activity but should limit the frequency if they want their female partner to conceive. If the female is not able to conceive even after the male partner’s limiting his masturbation, the problem might be somewhere else. In such a case, it is important that you visit the doctor as soon as possible.