Infertility Treatment: Everything you need to know about the IVF cycle timeline

Timeline of the IVF process

Have you been trying to conceive for a long time?

If YES! But that journey is not reaching the final stage successfully. You may have an infertility issue, and you need some medical assistance to boost your conception chances. Not being able to get pregnant on your own can be difficult & highly nerve-wracking. If this is what is happening to you, then there is no need to leave yourself in-between, and most importantly, do not lose hope. Schedule your initial visit at one of the known IVF centers in Punjab and give your IVF journey the start.

Are you thinking, ‘How is my IVF treatment going to be like?’

Initial visit & consultation

The first meeting is going to give a fair idea about the treatment. When you visit one of the Best IVF Doctor in Ludhiana, you will get an insight into the treatment & the way it will be done. Initially, the doctor will perform a detailed medical examination and suggest several steps. You are doing so will help to better understand the situation & what further steps should be taken. The fertility doctor will make you familiar with the different options so that it’s easier for you to judge which choice is best.

2nd to 4th week: The preparation part will continue

The preparation of IVF is essential to have a better idea about the entire situation. Bear in mind every patient gets an individualized treatment plan. Some of the standard tests performed during IVF are uterine evaluation, blood panel, ultrasounds, male fertility testing, infectious disease screening, and much more.

5th week: Beginning of medications & monitoring

To begin with the process, you will be given fertility medications to help ovaries produce an increased count of mature eggs. Once that phase is done, the fertility doctor will keep a check on your condition. In this case, the blood tests & ultrasound are performed so that eggs & follicles are in the best state.

7th week: Retrieval to Transfer

Now the main part starts, or you can say the essential steps of the treatment, which will take your treatment journey one step further. Taking medications for 10 to 12 days, the follicles are adequately monitored to ensure the size is correct, and following hCG, it will be retrieved from the ovaries.

Once enough healthy eggs are produced, they will be put back into the ovaries. Following that, egg & sperm are combined in a lab, resulting in fertilization. If there is not enough sperm count or a male partner is also diagnosed with infertility, ICSI is suggested. ICSI treatment means injecting healthy sperm directly into the egg. On the 5th day, the embryo transfer is done, which has higher chances of ensuring the embryo will be alive.

Pregnancy test

Following 14 days of embryo transfer, the doctor will ask you to come to the clinic & do the embryo transfer.

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