Interesting Facts For Egg Freezing

Science has been working for a long time on unlocking the mystery of infertility. It has provided several advanced technological solutions for the problem of infertility with things to consider for older women exploring IVF options at the best IVF centre in Srinagar. Egg freezing is one of the solutions addressing IVF concerns for those who are quite ready to walk on the path of pregnancy but want to be assured of getting pregnant in the future. However, while opting for egg freezing, many factors must be considered before making the final decision. Read on to learn some interesting points that can help in the decision-making process for egg freezing. 

Freeze The Eggs While You’re Young

There are several reasons why many women consider egg freezing. It can include not being able to find a partner in time with whom they can have a child, and for some, it can be deep devotion to their career. Age is not a matter when considering egg freezing; however, opting for this method of pregnancy in your mid-30s can actually prove to be beneficial. 

While in your mid-30s, your ovarian reserve is the highest, which means that the amount and quality of the eggs are much higher than when you get old. If you have not considered it before, it’s time to consider it now by consulting an IVF centre in Punjab. Discussing your concerns with a doctor will help you to know whether egg freezing is the right option for you or not. 

To What Extent Is A Person’s Privacy Invaded In IVF?

Egg freezing is a way that can help women achieve pregnancy in the future. It involves a number of steps to complete the practice successfully, such as testing, hormone injection and egg retrieval. The first step of the egg-freezing process is the medical evaluation and screening to identify the ovarian reserve and any infectious disease with the help of blood tests and ultrasound at the best IVF centre in Srinagar. 

The second step includes the process of stimulation in the ovaries to increase egg production during the menstrual cycle with the help of hormone injections. 

The next step is to closely examine the women to check the impact of medicine and its effectiveness. Finally, the last step of egg retrieval begins with hormone injection, which a doctor performs with the help of transvaginal ultrasound aspiration. The egg removal process is practised with a suction device at an IVF centre in gurdaspur, and after the removal, they are frozen and stored for the future. 

What Are The Chances Of Being Pregnant In The Future?

In reference to the results of some studies conducted, the chances of a woman getting pregnant in the future can range from 2-12%. However, this estimate is not very accurate as it has been collected through limited research. There are several factors that can affect the chances of a woman’s pregnancy, including her age, the sperm quality of her male partner, the process of pregnancy as well as the viability of the eggs. 

The affordability factor also kicks in based on the method you choose to increase your chances of getting pregnant in the future. Consulting with the IVF centre in Punjab is essential to discuss the costs of the different methods to make a well-informed decision. 

Does Egg Freezing Have Any After Effects?

There can be after-effects of all our actions, like egg freezing, even after being safe, can cause mild discomfort and pain. Issues such as swelling and mood swings can be the after-effects of hormone injections provided for the process. The reason behind this is the enlargement of the ovaries, which produces multiple eggs and leads to inflammation. The effect of the process varies from woman to woman. 

In contrast, some women may not feel any problems at all, and some might react intensely to the medicines, causing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Other symptoms such as nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and weight gain may also be experienced but can be managed with proper consultation at the best IVF centre in Hisar

These are some of the factors a woman needs to consider before exploring IVF options at an IVF centre in Punjab to enjoy the journey of parenthood.