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Infertility Treatment In Gurdaspur

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the assisted reproductive technology (ART) that helps the women to conceive. In the natural conception fertilization of eggs with the male sperm happens inside the body whereas in IVF procedure fertilization of egg happen outside the body in the cultured dish under the controlled conditions of lab. IVF is considered as most successful infertility treatment in Gurdaspur that used to treat genetic problems and lead to conception of a child.

How IVF Is Done?

During the procedure mature and healthy female eggs are collected from the ovaries and mixed with the male partner’s sperm. Eggs and sperms are kept in a cultured dish in the lab under the controlled conditions like temperature oxygen and CO2. For 2-3 days eggs are monitored for the successful fertilization and after the fertilization and the turning of fertilized eggs into embryos IVF process came to end by implanting healthiest embryo in the womb of intended mother for successful conception. After approximately 2 weeks IVF female can go for pregnancy test and in case of positive results they can enjoy successful journey of being mother. In any case if pregnancy test result comes negative woman has to wait for one month to go for repeated IVF cycle. For more details about this procedure you can visit Best IVF centre in Gurdaspur.