IVF: What is the actual relation between fertility and egg quality?

Relation between fertility and egg quality

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What is fertility?

Fertility is explained as an ability to conceive a baby without any problem or health issues. This is necessary for both sexes in order to conceive a baby, if you are infertile you will not able to conceive your own baby. Moreover, infertility is caused due to many factors such as hormonal problems, low sperm count, poor egg quality, and a certain type of medications.

Egg Quality

Egg quality has explained the state of an egg whether it is genetically normal or abnormal. In addition, egg quality is decline over age because women born with eggs. And the quality and quantity of eggs decline as they age.

In this situation, you need to visit a test tube baby centre in India so that you can get proper treatment of infertility.

Let’s understand the relation of fertility and egg quality for conception.

The relation between fertility and egg quality

The ovaries of women automatically or naturally produced one egg every month during the menstrual cycle. This is the egg which contributes to pregnancy but makes sure you have a healthy egg.

So, you must clear your all the doubts prior if you are planning to conceive a baby because it will give you benefits.

The relation between age and egg quality

There is a strong relationship between age, fertility, and egg quality. Because as you age you may experience infertility more as compared to an early age. For example, a girl who is planning to conceive a baby at her 30’s surely gives birth to a healthy baby without any obstacles in pregnancy. But if a girl is thinking to conceive little late such as at her 35 then the chances of healthy pregnancy declines due to poor egg quality.

Since the ladies over 40 are at greater risk of infertility and health issues, which are directly linked to egg quality. During this age group, they may produce an abnormal or poor quality egg, which can contribute to birth defects.

Ways to improve egg quality

There are so many ways to improve your egg quality even if you are at your 40’s such as maintain a healthy weight, avoid smoking, and consume a healthy diet full of fibers and vitamins. You can also visit a doctor because he is the only person who can suggest you something effective in order to improve your chances of pregnancy.

Moreover, regular exercise also plays an important role in conception. You should surely go for a walk daily for an hour so that you can get rid of your health issues.