Egg Donor: Everything you need to know about IVF procedure with Egg donor

IVF procedure with Egg donor

An egg donor is the part of the IVF process, for them who are unable to use their own eggs in order to conceive a baby. This process means a couple who get the donor egg is not able to conceive a baby with their own eggs.

In order to get an IVF egg donor, you must visit the best IVF centre in India so that you cannot face any problem in the future.

What type of couples needs donor eggs for pregnancy?

Couples who are infertile and unable to conceive a baby with their own eggs need a donor egg. In addition, Gay couples also need donor egg treatment when they need to have their own baby. In this case, they need surrogate mother so that she can carry their baby.

Moreover, some other type of couples who are suffering from below listed situations such as-:

  • Women with premature ovarian failure.
  • Who are suffered from the failure of IVF treatment.
  • If your ovaries or eggs are damaged in cancer treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy.
  • Females who have a low ovarian reserve
  • single father parent is also eligible for donor egg procedure but he also needs a surrogate mother.
  • Women who have age and genetically related infertility.

From where an individual get an Egg Donor?

In order to get the donor eggs, your surgeon will help you to find the donor or he may suggest something alternative include-:

  • The fertility clinic itself from where you actually getting IVF treatment.
  • You can also get the eggs from the donor egg agency.
  • You can also get eggs from egg bank because they reserve or store the frozen eggs.
  • You can also get eggs from your family member, relative, or any friend.

Actually, this whole process is done under law or careful consideration. It is a good idea to meet your personal lawyer in order to get all the details and legal information related to donor person.

A treatment cycle of IVF with donor eggs

The treatment of IVF with donor eggs is totally different from IVF treatment because in IVF treatment your surgeon transfer developed embryos but in this treatment, eggs are transferred with sperm injection.

Let’s have a look at the procedure.

In this procedure, your surgeon firstly gives medications to the donor person so that she can produce healthy eggs. And after the production of eggs retrieve eggs from her ovaries and then prepare them in order to transfer into your recipient’s ovaries. These eggs are transferred along with the injection of sperm cells which are collected from your male partner. And then he also recommends you to take supplements of progestin hormones for better functioning.

Then after a few days, the intended mother again visits the fertility clinic for embryo transfer and overall checkup. And then a couple and doctor have to wait for fertilization.