How to decide what you need to visit Gynecologist or a Fertility Specialist?

Gynecologist or Fertility Specialist

Dealing with women’s health issues is not easy. In case, you are trying to conceive and facing some female health problems then you need to make the decision which medical faculty is best for you. At those times, it is seen that women are not able to make the right choice between gynecologists and IVF specialists. In this article, we have shared the information so that your task is easier.

What does Gynecologist do?

A gynecologist is responsible for taking various health-related issues like the female reproductive system. They look after problems like cervical cancer, hormonal issue, pelvic disorder, breast-related issue, and urinary tract infection. Some other issues like PCOS, blocked Fallopian tube, irregular periods, and endometriosis.
If you are facing problem then you should visit our gynecologist in Ludhiana to get the appropriate treatment for your condition.

What does Fertility Specialist do?

Another name for the specialist is reproductive endocrinologist and they deal with infertility problems. They have got specials training in assisted reproduction technology and reproductive endocrinology.

Getting help from the gynecologist

• Vaginal Discharge
White discharge is normal in women but if it yellow, green, or cloudy then it might be a bacterial infection or STI.

• Pain while Intercourse
The pain during sex might be because of infection in the vagina or spasm in the vaginal muscles. To get rid of the pain while having sex you should seek the help of a gynecologist.

• Infection
Infection can lead to a problem around the vaginal area. In some cases, it can lead to fishy smell which can due to bacteria. For this issue gynecologist will give an effective solution.

• Irregular period
If women are dealing with the problem of irregular periods or abnormal menstrual cycle then consult the gynecologist.

• Multiple miscarriages
In the past, you have faced multiple miscarriages then take the help of the gynecologist as they will tell you ways to prevent the problem.

Getting help from the fertility specialist

Problem with male fertility

Not able to conceive naturally: When the couple is not able to conceive the problem might be with the male partner. The doctor will do semen analysis which will ensure that sperm quality and the count is enough to conceive.

Age over 40

Treatment of IVF is the best if the women are over the age of 40. With age, fertility declines at a fast pace which makes it difficult for the women to conceive. The fertility doctor will let you know about the treatment plan.

Getting the treatment

In case, you are facing problem then visit our doctor and they will give you a suitable treatment plan which will work best for your condition. The doctor will diagnose your health condition and perform test which will let them know what exactly the issue is.