Story Of Patient from Begusarai, Bihar: The boon of a baby, Thanks to Sofat infertility centre

The boon of a baby, thanks to Sofat infertility centre

Testimonial:The beginning of my marital life

Hello friends, today I would like to introduce myself to you with a mission in mind. I want to narrate my ordeal and the terrible time I had dealing with infertility. Friends, my name is Vijay Saini. I belong to the district Begusarai, Bihar. My marital life started on a happy note when I got married to Malti Devi. The early years were spent quite blissfully as we were quite happy with each other.

The clouds of sorrow

But happiness soon gave way to sorrow as we were not able to become parents for a painfully long period. For twelve long years, we tried to have a baby. After many unsuccessful attempts and years of hopelessness, we decided to opt for medical treatment. Initially, we went to the local best IVF Centre in Begusarai, Bihar medical hospital for treatment but it didn’t yield. Subsequently, we also went to fertility treatment center in Patna but that too proved to be futile.

Sofat clinic: A pleasant reality

Every cloud has a silver lining. One day, while I watching TV, I saw an advertisement for Sofat infertility centre situated in Ludhiana. I gained knowledge about Dr. Sumita Sofat and her commitment to infertile couples. The advertisement also showed many success stories of the gifted doctor. We came to know that the clinic dealt with all sorts of problems related to infertility. Even blocked fallopian tubes treatment is also done here along with other infertility treatments. We decided to give the clinic a try as it held hope for both of us.

The memorable experience

We knew that we were at the right place from the day one. The team was very cordial and cooperative. But Dr. Sofat was the most patient of them as she put all our doubts to rest. She even handled our silly queries with the utmost professionalism and a touch of softness. Not only were we offered a clarification on the slightest doubts, but we were put to ease and made comfortable. We left all our anxieties behind and got full cooperation during the treatment. Unquestionably, it is the best IVF centre in India, whether you are looking at the success rates, relaxing atmosphere or the cooperation level of the staff. All these factors are crucial for the patients.

The spectacular result

We were pleasantly surprised when it dawned upon us that my wife had conceived successfully through IVF. We underwent the treatment and the best part is that now my wife is 6 months pregnant. We are overjoyed as my wife has managed to conceive after a long string of unsuccessful attempts and infinite years of treatment. Both my wife and the unborn child are in sound health. I am highly obliged to Dr. Sumita Sofat for making our long cherished dream come true. She and her staff have been of immense help during the treatment. I am really grateful to the entire team for making my dream come true.