Prostate Cancer Fertility Treatment


Prostate Gland & Fertility: What’s the connection?

Prostate Cancer Fertility Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab The prostate gland is just like a walnut shape & size. It is present below the bladder & right in front of the rectum. The prostate performs the function of making semen which helps in sperm through the penis & ejaculation it comes out the body.

In some cases, the chances of prostate cancer are higher specifically when cancer cells are present in the prostate tissues. Its prevalence rate is higher when the male is of age 50 or someone in the family had this issue in the past. In case the male partner is diagnosed with a higher grade of cancer then the condition is likely to trigger ED. It’s possible that the condition does not make it easy for you to have sex that often. It’s possible that with this issue fertility is affected to a great extent.

If you are diagnosed with a condition or someone in your family had this one then better get medical assistance for the same. In such a case visiting one of the known IVF Centre in Punjab is going to help you better analyze what’s the issue.

How prostate cancer treatment can negatively impact fertility?

All those who have undergone prostate cancer treatment will have difficulty in conceiving or it’s possible natural conception might not be possible. One of the Best IVF Doctor in Ludhiana is of the view that treatment options will depend on the:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Nature

This situation demands medical attention in all ways and consulting the medical expert will help to better analyze what needs to be done next. Consulting the medical expert is going to tell you better about your fertility.

Which are the treatment options included for prostate cancer?

Here are some of the treatment options which are included for boosting fertility chances to a great extent:

  • Surgery

Surgical removal includes the removal of the prostate gland along with other small glands known as seminal vesicles. Without them, the sperm is not able to get out from the body. Performing the surgery will help to remove the damaged nerves, prostate, and other organs which are triggering infertility or erectile dysfunction.

  • Chemotherapy

During chemo sessions, the drug is put through the vein which helps in giving the cancer cells present in the body. The sperm will get affected with a chemo session which triggers infertility.

Apart from these radiation therapy, and hormone therapy is given which can create problems with sperm health & increase the chances of male infertility.

What are the ways to preserve your fertility?

If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer then you must take measures by consulting a fertility expert. Some of the best possible options for boosting fertility chances are:

  • Sperm banking

Prostate cancer is going to affect fertility. This is where it’s essential to save sperm before treatment begins. During the sperm banking, a semen sample is selected & then it will be analyzed under a microscope. Following that, it is frozen & sent for storage so that it can be used for future use.

  • Testicular shielding

While the cancer treatment is going on the testicles are protected through a shield. This way the sperm will not get damaged and in medical terms, it is known as gonadal shielding.

  • TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction)

TESE is used when ejaculation is not possible & sperm will be taken out from the testicles.