IUI treatment: Questions about IUI treatment?

FAQs about IUI treatment for infertility

IUI treatment is additionally known as Intrauterine Insemination, which is designed to treat the infertility problem in couples. Basically, this process is well-known for male infertility because, in this process, your surgeon directly injects the sperm into the lady’s uterus for fertilization. In addition, he washes the sperm prior to implantation to ensure the best quality. And this is the process which is performed during the female’s natural menstrual cycle so that they can become pregnant without any obstacle.

People who are suffering from the infertility visit IUI treatment centre in India once with the goal to take proper checkup. Or you should ask some important question about this treatment which you want to understand.

FAQs about the IUI treatment

What is the procedure of IUI treatment?

Firstly your surgeon examines you and your fertility health so that he can give you proper treatment. Additionally, this is the treatment which is generally performed during the time of women’s ovulation. This is done so that you can only conceive with healthy sperm cells otherwise it harm you and your unborn baby. After this process, your surgeon will inject the washed sperm into the uterus. This is a procedure which has no side effects and another type of symptoms.

Who is suitable for IUI procedure for infertility?

There are many factors which define the need for IUI treatment include unexplained infertility, certain cervical condition, and cervical mucus problems. In addition, this is the treatment which is useful for people who have cervical scar tissue which is responsible for low sperm quality.

Who is not eligible for IUI procedure?

There are some other couples who do not take this IUI treatment if they are suffering from some other fertility problems. For example, if we talk about women than it will define if they have pelvic infections, blocked Fallopian tubes,  tubal disease, a low ovarian reserve, and severe endometriosis. Whereas, if we talk about male, then it will define with conditions such as severe infertility problems because it will reduce the chances of success of the treatment.

How does my partner know that he needs this IUI treatment?

You are your surgeon firstly visit the doctor’s facility so that you both take the full physical test. After then, your surgeon will tell you the reason behind your infertility problem. If you are noticing some symptoms include hormonal imbalance, low sperm count, and some other fertility problems then you need this treatment badly in order to treat your infertility problem.

How much I need to wait for results of IUI treatment?

You need to wait for 2-3 weeks if you want better results. You should determine pregnancy within this time period and check it using a pregnancy test kit. Or you should visit your gynaecologist again if you want to discuss anything with him.