Reasons Why Your IUI Treatment Failed

Reasons Why Your IUI Treatment Failed, India

When you choose a treatment, you become fully dependent on it and have positive expectations on your mind about getting the desired outcome. But sometimes it does not flow as you have planned. If, as a couple, you are suffering from infertility and like other people you have adopted IUI treatment, but failed multiple times then you must know where your body was lagging behind.

IUI treatment is known as Intrauterine insemination, which follows the process of artificial insemination by placing the sperm of donor in the uterus. A study shows that this treatment has the reputation of lower success rates. Most of the times, couples who underwent this procedure do not get positive results in a single session but require multiple treatments in order to conceive a child. Even though this treatment is much quicker than IVF but it does not stand the highest level of credibility.

  1. Endometriosis

Women who suffer from endometriosis possess a low success rate of conceiving a child. Endometriosis is a condition where the tissue outgrows the outer lining of the uterus. It is judged at four stages of the level namely minimal, mild, moderate with the fourth stage severe endometriosis.The stages are determined by the length of the abnormally grown tissue. If women face severe endometriosis, then the chances of fertilization of eggs get decreased. IUI treatment is usually considered more productive for women who do not suffer from endometriosis.

  1. Quality of eggs

One of the reasons in the failing of IUI treatment can be the poor quality of eggs. Women who are aged between 35-40  tend to ovulate the eggs, which possesses a low rate of becoming fertilized and they usually have chromosomal problems. On the other hand, for the women who are aged almost twenty-five are more likely to have a higher rate of fertilization. So, age plays a major factor in making IUI treatment successful.

  1. Blocked Fallopian tubes

Fallopian tubes play a major role in pregnancy as it helps in forwarding the egg from the ovary to the uterus. Women who have obstructed Fallopian tubes, due to some disease or pelvic infection may not get a successful outcome from the IUI treatment. Every woman has two Fallopian tubes in her body and to get a positive result from the infertility treatment, she must have at least one unblocked tube. Before undergoing IUI treatment, it’s better to have a talk with the doctor and get your body clinically checked.

  1. Poor quality of sperm

Sometimes the reason for not conceiving a child depends upon the donor’s sperm also. To fertilize the egg, the sperm should be in a healthy stage and generally, it is judged by the semen quality. It should be capable enough to stimulate the process of fertilization. Most of the IUI treatment does not work, because of the low quality of semen and in this case some other medical help should be sought.

  1. Penetrating ovulation

To make IUI treatment successful, the timing of sperm and ovulated eggs should be the same and for this purpose, the doctors also give some medicines namely clomiphene citrate to trigger the ovulation process. If the fertilization of eggs does not trigger at the right time then, the chances of failing IUI treatment can go higher.

To have better possibilities of conceiving a child, instead of IUI, couples should seek other medical treatments which are able to provide higher success rates and cause lesser complications. One of such treatment is IVF, which causes less side effects and render high chances of a positive outcome rather than IUI treatment.