Some important facts about Sperm donation and how it makes money for you?

Some Important Facts About Sperm Donation And How It Makes Money For You

Here we discuss some important facts about Sperm donation in India’s top cities such as Ludhiana, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai are among top cities in Sperm donation and to become a Sperm Donor, If you have seen the movies Vicky Donor and Deliver Man then the term sperm donation is not new for you mean there is no need of explanation for the sperm donation.

In simple words, sperm donation is the donation of sperm to any Sperm Donation Clinic for the purpose of making money or any other. Some men like to be a sperm donor as it is a good way to make a lot of instant money as there are many sperm banks that pay a lot of money for sperm donation.  It means the giving and taking of sperm is also like the well-established business for the clinics. These clinics pay money to the sperm donors and take a lot of money from the patients that take sperms.

Let us understand some more facts about sperm donation

  • Sperm donation is legal

Sperm donation is purely legal job means you can be sperm donor if you want to be but as a sperm donor you must understand that your sperm will be used for the birth of baby so your biological link will come in the baby but you will have no right to claim the custody or parental rights to the baby that has come into existence due to use of your sperm.

It means sperm donation is legal but under the law there is no right for any link with the baby came after using your sperm, has been given to the sperm donors.

  • Society point of view for a sperm donor

Well, most of the sperm doors keep secret about their job of sperm donation from their friends, family members and from other relatives as not all the people having positive views about sperm donation. As most of the sperm donors keep anonymity so it is better not to tell your acquaintances about your job.

Society does not accept this sperm donation as a good way to make money means for them it is not a noble work to do that is why most of the sperm donors choose not to tell their family members about their work.

  • Why sperm donation?

Females so that they can get pregnant with donated sperms and with the baby that will have your and her biological link. There are mainly following kinds of people who need donor sperms

  • Couples with male infertility issues

There is a number of couples that are unable to have their baby due to male partner’s infertility such couples choose to get their baby with door sperms.  There are many men who are having nil sperm count treatment in India to improve their sperm quality and count but using the donor sperm is the instant way to get pregnant with methods like IVF and IUI.

  • Single women

There are many married or unmarried women who are single means widows, divorcee, and some women that choose not to get married but all these women want to enjoy the experience of motherhood so they choose the way of sperm donation and IVF treatment to get pregnant.

  • Lesbians

There are lesbians couples means the couple of two women who choose to live together but want their baby so they choose to get pregnant with donor sperms.

Mainly these three categories seek for the sperm donor so that they can experience parenthood feeling.

  • Who can be the sperm donor?

Everyone cannot be the sperm donor as there are some conditions for being the sperm donor as follows

  • A person must have a high count of sperms and even sperms should be having high quality
  • Patient must be free from any kind of disease
  • Donor’ age must be more than 21 and less than 41
  • Clinics may also ask about details of your height, weight, skin color, and other medical and physical details

If you are working as a sperm donor then you are not allowed to meet with the people to whom your sperm has been given means clinics or sperm banks work as the intimidator between you and the people who want your sperm.

The people who use donor sperm do not come In contact with the persons who donate sperms means there has been kept complete privacy from both sides so it is a confidential process.