IVF Treatment: What are the different steps involved in the process of IVF?

Timeline of the IVF process

Many couples are undergoing the Treatment of IVF or have just started the process. No doubt, the process can seem quite difficult in the first place and they don’t know what to expect from the treatment.

Following is the timeline of the IVF cycle in detail

  • Meeting an IVF specialist

The very first step in this process is meeting an IVF specialist who will guide you throughout the entire procedure. During the appointment, the specialist will evaluate your health and ask you questions on the information you have provided. Once they have discussed everything they will recommend to you how you can proceed further or which treatment is best for you. During the appointment, the doctor may carry out a certain test to check the ovarian reserve and functionality of uterus. You should not feel nervous as they are a part of the routine checkup.

  • Preparation of the treatment

In the second week, the treatment will start and the patient is given medication to suppress the natural menstrual cycle. The medication is given in either in the form of a daily injection or nasal spray. The medication is taken for around two weeks. You should visit our Test tube baby center in India for the treatment.

  • Increasing the egg supply

The next part is Controlled Ovarian Hyper-stimulation (COH) and it contains two parts. First, the women are given fertility hormone which stimulates the ovaries to mature more eggs than normal. The hormone or medication which is given is follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) or an oral medication like Clomid. For best results, at least 4 eggs should be produced with the fertility medications and it is continued for 10 to 12 days. This also means it increases the chances of pregnancy as more will be fertilized which is very important for success.

Secondly, the doctor will monitor your overall health and to see the development of follicles and eggs. On average, you have to visit the clinic 5 to 7 times.

  • Egg Retrieval

Around 34-38 hours before you will be given oral medication to mature the eggs. During the egg retrieval, the patient is given sedation. Through the vagina, a needle is passed and then into the ovaries so that the eggs can be collected. The entire process takes around 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Fertilization of eggs

The next step is to mix the egg with your partner’s sperm or donors sperm. They are kept in a special incubator until the insemination. After two days, the embryo’s growth is between two and six cells. On the 4th day, the embryos reach the morula stage. After that, it is checked if the eggs have been fertilized successfully. Once the fertilization is done, the medications are given so that the womb is lined and it can receive the embryo.

After 3 days, the embryos are ready and they transferred into the womb and then into the vagina with a catheter. The process is very simple and there is no need for sedation. In some cases, the patient might experience mild cramping.

It is very essential to understand the entire process of IVF. You should consult the doctor if you have any queries or facing any problem.