Story of a couple for a successful recurrent pregnancy

What is Karyotype?

Karyotype is a complete set of a human chromosome in a general appearance, arranged in particular shape, numbers and sizes. Karyotype basically is an image representation of an individual chromosome which is performed to check for any abnormalities in number and structure. Karyotype is made by scientists in which a picture is taken of a chromosome from a cell and then cut and ragged according to their size, bending pattern and centromere position. The most common karyotype contained in females is XX chromosome and in male is XY chromosome. For more information you can consult the Best IVF Centre in Punjab.

Success story of a couple with recurrent pregnancy loss due to abnormal male karyotype:

A lot of people go through the pain of not being a parent due to infertility. Male factor of infertility also contributes 50% in these cases. But with the advancement of technology  at the best IVF Centre in Punjab, these conditions can be corrected and couples can make their family happy. Now we are going to share a case related to abnormal Karyotype.

Kajal Sharma was a 31 year old woman and Abhinav Sharma his husband was 34. They were married for the last 7 years and have been trying to have a baby for a very long time. They both visited the Sofat Infertility center last year. Before that they had been to several fertility treatments but it failed. They had a history of 2 spontaneous recurrent pregnancy loss while going for the fertility treatment. Then they were told to go through routine investigation to know the exact reason for infertility. A proper treatment plan was formulated at the Best IVF Centre in Faridkot, in which the couple went through genetic analysis. It was found out that Kajal had normal karyotype but Abhinav had abnormal Karyotype of 46 XY 15 ps. 

Chromosome abnormalities are one of the main reasons for the large number of recurrent pregnancy loss. The few of the main reasons for chromosome abnormalities are involving single or multiple genes, chromosome rearrangements or repetitive DNA problems. Any of these problems can affect any stage of embryo development which leads to the failure of  recurrent pregnancy loss. Research shows that the repetitiveness in the genome is seen higher in male compared to females. 
After detecting the problem in Kajal and Abhinav case of infertility a proper plan for their treatment is prepared. Few of the options for it are Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) like intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) or donor sperm. The treatment plan depends on the severity of the abnormality and other factors. Our doctors suggested ASR for Kajal and Abhinav and it proved to be a successful treatment for them. The couple after being parents was on cloud nine and showed great thankfulness towards the team of IVF Centre. For more information you can consult the Best IVF Centre in Gurdaspur.