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Infertility Treatment In Faridkot

Due to technological advancements infertility has not remain hindrance for conception. It is possible for even the infertile couple to get their own baby. IVF is also one such advancement of science that has blessed many hopeless couples. It is the lab procedure in which females eggs are mixed with the male sperms outside the body under controlled conditions that mimic the womb of mother. This revolutionary procedure of artificial conception process leads to successful pregnancy.
Test Tube Baby Treatment in Punjab

IVF Procedure

In-Vitro-Fertilization is the procedure must be done by the specialized and expert doctor so that successful results can be obtained after IVF cycle.

IVF Cycle Get Completed In The Following Steps

  1. Initially the IVF expert Dr. Sumita Sofat evaluate the infertility problem and give proper counseling to the couple so that they could positively make their mind for the procedure.
  2. IVF cycle get initiated with the ovulation induction by some fertility drugs or injections so that females can ovulate sufficient healthy eggs
  3. Under the local anesthesia best quality eggs are removed from the ovaries with the advanced sterilized tools
  4. On the same day of egg retrieval male partner is asked for the semen sample and then healthy sperms are separated from the sample
  5. Sperms and eggs are kept in the cultured dish for fertilization. This entire fertilization process is done under the Em-Cell closed chamber for optimized favorable conditions.
  6. In the next step when the fertilized eggs get transformed into the embryos then experts choose the healthiest embryo and transform in the womb of intended mother for successful pregnancy

For more details about IVF procedure feel free to talk to experts of Sofat IVF Center in Faridkot.