Thin Endometrium Treatment with Hysterectomy PRP Injection

Infertility Curse

Infertility is a devastating problem that can ruin the life of a couple who is dreaming about parenthood. The flood of emotions triggered in this condition, such as 

  • Grief
  • Anger 
  • Isolation

Which also impacts relationships. However, with advancements in reproduction technology like IVF and ICSI, couples can achieve parenthood. Not only that, couples can also freeze their eggs to get fertilised when they want to become parents. If you want to know more about assisted reproductive techniques, then consult with the best IVF Doctor in Barnala

What is Infertility 

Unable to conceive after one year of unprotected intimate contact, referred to as infertility. Infertility is a common problem affecting many couples worldwide. 

Major reasons behind infertility can be the ovulation problem or blocked fallopian tubes and issues in the uterine. Abnormal sperm shape and low sperm count and the blockages that prevent sperm from reaching towards eggs. If you want to know what kind of problem is leading to infertility, then schedule your diagnosis at the Best IVF Centre in Jalandhar

There are a few unexplained reasons, too, which might not be clearly described by any tests. 

What is Endometrium 

The endometrium is like a plush carpet lining in a woman’s uterus. With each menstrual cycle, it builds up for a possible pregnancy. This line holds significance because fertilised eggs are implanted on it. 

The endometrium is usually nice and thick; its thickness is around 8 to 12 mm, which provides a cushioned bed for 8 to 12 mm embryos. 

Consequences of Thin Endometrium 

Generally, a healthy endometrium ranges from 8 to 12 mm, but if an endometrium is less than 8 mm or 7 mm, then it makes fertilised eggs implanted on this line. 

As a result, thin endometrium leads to pregnancy failure and complications in infertility. 

Case Study 

Sharda, in her thirties, dreamt about having a baby. However, her dream of having a baby remains unfulfilled after the passing of several years. Years of fertility struggle lead to the distressing problem of heartache and stress.

After multiple tests and diagnosis, it was found that she has a thin endometrium, which makes it impossible for fertilised eggs to get implanted. But after all these years of struggles, Sharda is blessed with a child with the help of the choicest IVF Doctor in Punjab.

PRP Injection 

PRP is a developing technique that is showing great results in various conditions, including endometrial health. PRP is known for stimulation, regeneration and healing. 

ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm

It is a specialised method used in IVF to assist couples experiencing male infertility in conceiving. ICSI incorporates injecting a single healthy sperm directly into a mature egg in a laboratory setting.  

This bypasses the natural process of sperm fertilising the egg. Increases the likelihood of fertilisation. In Sharda’s case, ICSI could have been utilised after PRP injections. Which ultimately enhanced sperm quality and quantity. It helps in producing viable embryos for implantation.  


Infertility is a distressing problem, but it is surely treatable. Many couples confronting this difficulty have found success with medicine, surgery or assisted reproduction. Don’t lose hope speaking with Dr Sumita Sofat, best IVF doctor india. Visit Dr Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital to understand advanced technology and potential barriers to IVF pregnancy.