Tubal Factor Infertility: Everything you need to know about Fallopian Tube Obstruction

Fallopian tube procedures for infertility

What is tubal factor infertility?

Tubal factor infertility is explained as a condition which you face due to blockage of the fallopian tube. Fallopian tubes are useful to move sperm to the ovaries in order to fertilization so that you can conceive a child.

In a normal delivery, women do not face this condition because their fallopian tubes help sperm to reach ovaries for fertilization. But this is totally opposite in Tubal factor infertility. In this type of infertility, you need to get blocked fallopian tube treatment so that you can conceive a baby without any obstacle. The blocked fallopian tube treatment cost in India is quite less than other countries that’s why more NRI follow Indian medical procedure.

There is some condition which reveals about the tubal blockage include

  • A primary condition is known as a Distal tubal blockage which reveals the truth about the blockage tube, that is located further from the uterus. Additionally, in this condition, the fallopian tube is totally blocked which is responsible for infertility on many couples.
  • Moreover, Mid-segment tubal blockage is usually happening when you experience blockage of the middle fallopian tube.

Reasons behind tubal blockage condition

There are several reasons behind this condition such as Pelvic inflammatory diseases, Endometriosis, Sexually transmitted disease, ant type of past surgery, and Ectopic pregnancy. These are the causes which can lead to blocked fallopian tubes and infertility as well. In this condition, you should visit your doctor and he may suggest some of the best specialists so that you can get the proper treatment. This is the condition which can only be treated with IVF treatment which is additionally known as In-Vitro Fertilization.

Signs of tubal factor infertility

The primary symptom of this type of health condition is the inability to have a child even after many attempts or a year of intercourse. Sometimes, the majority of women do not even realize that they are suffering from a blocked fallopian tube problem.

Diagnosis of tubal factor infertility

In order to diagnose the tubal factor infertility, your surgeon suggests you two types of tests such as Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and Laparoscopy. These both tests are enough to find the exact reason behind your blocked tubes. These are explained below as-:

Laparoscopy-: In this test, your surgeon makes a small incision in order to see in your reproductive organs or fallopian tubes so that he can understand the condition. In addition, he inserts a medically proved instrument known as laparoscope so that he can examine your fallopian tubes.

Hysterosalpingogram-: This is the type of X-ray in which your surgeon passes a dye via the cervix into your uterus.  This is also performed to see your fallopian tubes are they open or not. It does not mean if your tubes are open then these are working normally, he passes a dye due to this reason also.

Treatment for tubal factor infertility

You must visit a doctor once so that he can suggest you treatment for tubal factor infertility such as IVF. This is the best and effective infertility treatment for both male and female.

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