Blocked Fallopian Tubes: Is there any chance of conception with only one Fallopian tube?

Fallopian tubes are explained as uterine tubes which are leading from the ovaries into the uterus.

Is getting pregnant possible with one Fallopian tube?

Fallopian tubes are explained as uterine tubes which are leading from the ovaries into the uterus. The main role of these tubes is to collect eggs each month and to fertilize these eggs with the sperm. The problems of these tubes lead to infertility in women.

Many ladies suffer from this problem these days because of blocked fallopian tubes and other conditions such as hormonal changes and hereditary factors. Infertility is explained as an inability to conceive a child. This condition can be treated with the help of Ivf treatment which is known as In-Vitro fertilization. You should choose the best IVF center in India in order to get successful treatment.

Moreover, a recent study reveals that the majority of women can conceive with a fallopian tube without any medical help. But it depends on your overall health and previous medical history. Additionally, it might more challenging to get pregnant with one fallopian tube but it is possible. You can also get the best Blocked Fallopian tube treatment in Punjab in order to conceive a child.

Pregnancy is the most important part of every woman’s life but it is also hurtful when you are unable to conceive. In order to conceive with one Fallopian tube, you should understand the ovulation cycle first then go for conception.

Trying to conceive with single Fallopian tube

If you are trying to get pregnant with one fallopian tube then you should learn ovulation cycle and there are many other factors that will help you to conceive. These factors include understanding the tools that are useful to detect ovulation, address your fertility issues, use natural ways to treat this problem and boost ovarian functioning. These factors are explained as below-:

Understand the tools that are essential to detect ovulation

If you are not able to visit the doctor each month then go with ovulation tracking tool kit. This kit will explain you to understand the ovulation cycle. In this way, you are able to know your issues with fertility also. Moreover, you should address your fertility health issues such as support fertility after the ectopic pregnancy and uterine fibroids. Uterine fibroids can lead to infertility because of blocked fallopian tubes. You should first treat your these fertility health issues.

  • Take natural remedies

You should take some natural remedies in order to treat blocked fallopian tubes such as eat proper nutrition, avoid stress, and exercise. In addition, natural remedies are also useful to regulate your ovulation cycle each month. You should visit your primary care doctor and ask him for the natural remedies.

  • Testing

If you are unable to treat your problem with these natural remedies and lifestyle changes then go for further testing. Since your doctor will examine you and tell you what exact treatment do you need. Additionally, you do not lose hope because you can conceive even with one fallopian tube but you should be more careful during the pregnancy period.