Two-week wait after implantation & what to avoid after embryo transplantation?

About two-week wait after embryo implantation

IVF Process is only taken by those who are suffering from infertility due to many reproductive tract problems. Well, IVF is known as In-vitro fertilization, which always gives you positive results according to your health condition.

For this treatment, you need to visit the gynecologist in Ludhiana. Well, you may not know that IVF is also known as Test tube baby and this is its conventional name. Let’s understand how it works.

What is the two-week wait after implantation?

There are five stages of IVF treatment such as-:

  • Stimulation of ovaries

  • Egg and sperm collection

  • Fertilization

  • Monitoring

  • Embryo transplantation.

These are explained below-:

Stimulation of ovaries

This is the first step of IVF procedure, in which your surgeon gives you hormone supplements or injections so that you can produce healthy eggs. This is done for the healthy growth of eggs and a large number of eggs so that he can produce a large number of embryos from eggs.

Egg and sperm collection 

After stimulation, your surgeon examines through the ultrasound whether you produce healthy eggs or not. If yes, then he starts the egg retrieval procedure for fertilization. He may again give you an injection of the hormone hCG 36 hours before the egg retrieval process. And then he collects sperm cells from the male partner for the fertilization process.


This is completely a clinical process, which is performed outside the body in the clinic lab. In this process, a specialist combines healthy eggs and sperm cells as well, to produce healthy embryos.


He again examines your health condition after the egg retrieval process. He may suggest you go through an ultrasound scan as well. Only after embryo implantation is done.

Embryo transfer

This is the last stage of Test tube baby procedure, once embryos are developed, specialist examines them properly and only healthy embryo placed in your uterus. After embryo implantation, you need to wait for at least two weeks for results. Your Gynaecologist takes a sample of blood after two weeks to check implantation results.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind or avoid after embryo implantation.

  • You must live your life as normal, and if you are used to performing physical activities, then must go with them.

  • You must get enough sleep and consume healthy food for better results.

  • It is necessary to avoid alcohol and other drugs that harm your health and reproductive tract.

  • Make sure you do not take too much sleep and rest as well, this is not a part of post instructions.

  • Do not waste your money and time on pregnancy tests, because if a doctor says you to wait for 2 weeks, then it means you have to wait. And adopt a positive attitude toward the procedure.