Unpacking the Implantation Mystery: How to Tell if You Might Be Pregnant

What are different ways you can follow to increase your chances of getting pregnant?

The implantation symptoms in pregnancy happen when the fertilised egg gets attached to the uterine lining after 6-12 days of ovulation.

But, some women don’t get to experience such signs before getting pregnant.

However, the most trusted IVF Centre in Punjab will explain the whole procedure and its symptoms.

What is Implantation?

This is the procedure as mentioned above, where the egg released by ovaries are fertilised by the sperms that travel through fallopian tubes, after which the egg(zygote) goes to the uterus through the same medium. These cells then multiply and then become a ball of cells called a blastocyst, which buries itself into the endometrium, thus resulting in pregnancy. 

This process starts after 12 days of conception after the ovulation happens in the menstrual cycle.

Signs and Symptoms of Successful Implantation

The finest IVF Centre in Punjab describes the signs and symptoms of implantation in the following:

  1. Some women may experience lighter bleeding, while some won’t.
  2. This type of bleeding after a few days is the best hint of successful implantation.
  3. There are some cramps during menstruation that may feel like abdominal pain.
  4. Excessive sensitivity around the breasts due to an increase in progesterone and other hormones.
  5. Headaches, nausea or feeling tired.
  6. Mood swings and food cravings.

Things that happen after implantation

According to the Best IVF Centre in Srinagar, the endometrium, which is the uterine lining, has a mucus-like membrane. It is the place where the egg is implanted and starts growing. This further initiates the release of a hormone called hCG, which is a signal to other parts of the body. When the levels of this hormone start rising, it can be detected via a urine or blood test for pregnancy. Hence, the embryo starts developing further.

At What Time Should You Take a Pregnancy Test?

It is difficult to know if the person has conceived successfully even if they experience these early symptoms. Hence, it is important to visit a doctor for a check-up if you miss out on your periods or you experience symptoms like morning sickness and tiredness. You can also go for home pregnancy tests if you are experiencing such things.

You also need to keep in mind that the levels of hCG double up every 24 hours, which happens in the first 8 weeks of implantation. It reaches the highest in the 10th week, which can provide you with a positive result for the test.


Implantation, which results in pregnancy is an important aspect as described by the Best IVF Centers in India. This moment cannot be identified easily by a lot of women, but if a few do experience it, you can or cannot conclude that with a full-fledged pregnancy.

Hence it is important to consult a doctor specialising in such issues, who will give you proper guidance in such scenarios.

You can come to us and check out the latest IVF treatments that will help you achieve pregnancy and conceive a healthy child. Plan a consultation with our experts for the best solutions.

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