What do we mean by ERA test for IVF

What do we mean by ERA test for IVF, Success rate and Cost of ERA India

The couples who find themselves in the clutches of infertility are often bogged down by the unfavorable results of various infertility treatments. A vast set of medical procedures have been formulated which are specifically dedicated to bringing hope to such couples. Many techniques like IUI and IVF have brought the joy of parenthood to many couples who had lost hope of becoming parents.

As many couples take the route of IVF treatment for realizing their dream of parenthood, many new techniques, and medical treatments come to the forefront. We are very well versed with the fact that ART(Assisted Reproductive technology) have been introduced by the infertility specialists to help the infertile couples achieve their elusive dream of becoming parents.

ERA-a detailed look

The conception of an embryo is a complex process and a successful conception results after a hassle-free fusion of the sperm and the egg. After fertilization, many other factors should be favorable, such as successful implantation and sound health of all reproductive parts of the female. Any problem in the female reproductive system might create a hostile environment for the newly fertilized egg leading to the failure of implantation and pregnancy. The endometrium plays an important part in the implantation process. If the endometrium is not acceptable, chances of a successful implantation are minimal. On the other hand, if the endometrium is favorable,chances of successful implantation are high.

ERA Test is a test which helps in finding out the acceptability of the endometrium. In other words, it is a method which helps in ascertaining the receptivity of the endometrium. The outcome of the test indicates whether the endometrial lining is favorable for the implantation of the embryo or not. It evaluates the level of 236 genes responsible for making the lining favorable for the embryo implantation. After the test , it is possible to work out the period of time which will favor successful fertilization. There is a favorable time for every woman when it is most suitable to conceive. This favorable time exists for a short while. The endometrium is optimum for implantation at this time.

Why should we choose the ERA test?

Women who have faced repeated implantation failure should opt for this test to ascertain the most favorable time for conception. It is especially favorable for women who failed to see a successful implantation in cases of embryo transfer. Women with 2 or more failed implantations during embryo transfer should undergo this test to determine a favorable time for ensuring implantation without any hassle. The test will point out the exact time window in which the embryo transfer must occur so as to improve the chances of implantation.

What is unsuccessful implantation?

Unsuccessful implantation is referred to the condition in which transplanted embryos fail to implant even after repeated rounds of IVF. The reason may lie in abnormalities related to the endometrium.

Endometrial receptivity

The level of endometrium’s preparedness to receive the embryo is called Endometrial Receptivity.The most favorable time when the endometrium is optimally receptive for implanting blastocyst is called Endometrial receptivity

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